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Birds, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, lizards, etc.


Prices for Boarding “Other Pets”

Prices as of August 1st, 2012
(CAD: canadian dollars)



(4′ x 4′ x 4′ h)
64 pieds cube


(4′ x 12′ x 8′ h)
384 pieds cube


(5′ x 12′ x 8′ h)
480 pieds cube

       1 animal = $26/day/animal $36/day/animal $46/day/animal
      2 animals = $22/day/animal =
$44/day/2 animals
$28/day/animal =
$56/day/2 animals
$36/day/animal =
$72/day/2 animals
     3 animals = Our  large crate does not generally offer enought space for 3 pets.It depends on the size of your pets. $20/day/animals =
$60/day/3 animals
$30/day/animal =
$90/day/3 animals
     4 animals = Our  large crate does not generally offer enought space for 3 pets.It depends on the size of your pets. $20/day/animals =
$80/day/4 animals

The above rebates are provided when 2 or 3 pets are in the same boarding space.


WEEKLY or LONG TERM BOARDING SPECIAL REBATE (as of March 24, 2016) :    

                       7 to 27 CONSECUTIVE DAYS…………………………=    -10%                        

                       More than 28 CONSECUTIVE DAYS……………….=     -15%

                       Purchase of 28 DAYS PRE-PAID…………………….=     -20%

Policies for Boarding “Other Pets”

MEALS & DIET Karolina-et-Furet-LiLi-vert-5-juil-2013-134We serve two meals each day: at 8:00 am and at 5:00 pm.At Manoir Kanisha we feed your special pet with your recommended food.SPECIAL CARECost: $5.00 per applicationVETERINARY EXPENSESThe owner is responsible for the cost of the required veterinary services received while boarding.


Cost of pick-up and delivery depends on distance. Please enquire.


tourterelleAll fees must be paid before the beginning of the boarding period of your pet(s) at Manoir Kanisha. The Federal (GST) and Provincial (PST) taxes are not included in our rates and will be added to your invoice.We accept Visa, Master card, Interac & cash. Prices may change without notice.We do not accept cheques or the American Express Credit card.A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your boarding reservation. This deposit is not refundable, but the amount of your deposit is not lost. It is kept under your name and can be used in the future for any services offered by Manoir Kanisha.Additional fees will be charged for services provided before or after our Business Hours.


IGUANA-Lezar-001_1_1-nBoarding fees are calculated on a calendar day basis.We will not charge the last day of boarding if you pick up your pet before 11:00 A.M.This policy does not apply the day after a legal holiday.On these particular days the Manoir Kanisha opens to the public at 2:00 pm. 


BUDGIE-21-10-2007-7415_4Check us out before you check your pet in !
Make an appointment and plan about 30 minutes. If applicable, bring your proof of vaccination.VISIT YOUR PET WHILE BOARDEDYou are welcome to visit your pet while he or she is boarded.Make an appointment. We can make a special room so you have plenty of space to spend time with your pet.



In case of abandonment of a pet, the owner will still be responsible for all expenses incurred to receive the amounts due to Manoir Kanisha.



services-autres-animaux-other-pets-BILLY-oiseau-Valerie-12-08-2012-e1345067214468-300x179Boarding fees are calculated on a calendar day basis, not on a night basis.We will not charge the last morning if you pick up your pet before 11:00 A.M.This policy does not apply the day following a legal holiday. The next day of a legal holiday, we always open to the public at 2h00 pm.

During a legal holiday period, call us to verify our opening hours.

Activities for “Other Pets”: $15/30 minutes



At Manoir Kanisha our business hours are 8h00am – 12h30 and then between 14h00 – 18h15, every day of the week (except for certain legal holidays when we are closed to the public). If planned in advance, it will be our pleasure to offer a special service before or after our opening hours. There will be an additional fee of $25/hour outside these opening hours. For example, if you wish us to deliver your dog to the airport at 05h00am, we will start at 04h00am to go to the Manoir Kanisha, walk the dog, prepare the crate and deliver him for 05h00am; therefore there will be 4 hours between the time of this service and our opening hour; therefore there will be an additional charge of $25/hour x 4 hours = $100.00 plus taxes, for this particular service. Another example, if you want to deliver or pick up your pet after hours, let us say 2 hours after we close, at 20h15, then there would be an additional charge of $25/hours x 2 = $50.00


MK LOGO  26-anniversary-anniveraire-MK

 1990 – 2016

Twenty-six years of excellent Pet Care Services 




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In AUGUST 2017, as a NEW GROOOMING CLIENT, get a $10.00 rebate on the price of the grooming for your dog, and a rebate of $5.00 on the price of the grooming of your cat.

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