Our cats TEQUILA and MOUSSE arrived safely in SEATTLE

From: Isabel B.  Sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017 1:23 PM To: Tim Harris <kanisha.tim@sympatico.ca> Cc: kanisha@sympatico.ca Subject: TEQUILA and MOUSSE arrived safely in Seattle   Dear Mister Harris, I just wanted to let you know that our cats TEQUILLA and

My dog KIM received VIP treatment from Montreal to Dubai

From: Deema Al-Aghbar     Sent: July-31-17 8:56 AM To: Tim Harris, Manoir Kanisha Subject: Hello +comment       Dear Mr. Harris, Hello. I hope you are well. I couldn’t find the sub link to post a comment on

MANFRED & POE, two Whippets puppies stuck in Montreal due to a severe winter storm

Today, we share a very special message. We received it from the new owner of MANFRED & POE, two Whippet puppies we imported from Italy. The original plan was to relocate them Italy-Montreal-Halifax. This plan had to be modified many

JEWELZIE & CUDDIES: Difficult Pet Relocation impeccably accomplished

DIFFICULT PET RELOCATION: Many pet owners assume that International Pet Relocation involves selection the correct crate size for their best friend and finding a direct flight from the origin city to the destination city. Each Pet Relocation project presents its own


LUCY, from SNOWY MONTREAL to LUANDA, Angola. This week we relocated a lovely Bernese Mountain Dog, from a snow storm in Montreal to LUANDA, Angola located in West Africa. She took a flight from Montreal to Amsterdam and then, a second

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

  Every Pet Relocation project presents its special challenges. KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia Some destination countries have very difficult and long import requirements. Certain airlines refuse to accept some breeds of dog and cats and it makes the flight selection almost impossible.

GERRY, Maremma Sheepdog puppy… very rare breed

Publié le 25 November 2016   At Manoir Kanisha we board and groom many different breeds of dogs and cats. Last week, we received a lovely puppy during an overnight comfort stop. He was born in Alberta and was on

YURI & DESMOND, Curly-Coated Retrievers, relocated to South Africa

  UNUSUAL DOG BREED, the CURLY-COATED RETRIEVERS: In Canada, there are dog breeds that are more popular than others. Per example, amongst the various retrievers, we see a lot of Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Over the years, at Manoir

Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates

The commercial travel crates have been designed for the most popular dog sizes.  Unfortunately, they are not tall enough to accommodate the very tall dogs such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Saint-Bernards… etc. Fortunately, creative Pet Relocators such as Tim Harris, have

Cat owner with a good sense of humor

  Most pet owners are very nervous when they have to relocate their beloved animal. They cannot relax while their animal is on the flight or during any parts of the relocation process. We spend most of our days managing

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