PERCY, LUCAN & MERLIN: They said this relocation could not be done at all! Three large dogs from rural Malaysia to Nova Scotia, Canada

Difficult 5-legs-relocation for 3 large dogs from Langkawi, a small island West of Malaysia to Nova Scotia, Canada: 1…  Langkawi Island to the Mainland Malaysian Peninsula (with a small Malaysian fishing boat); 2… Road transport on Mainland along the West coast of

ECKO… OUF! After a very complex relocation, he arrived safely at destination in Ningbo/China

发件人: Nathalie C.                                             发送时间: 2015-01-08  12:19:11 收件人: Tim Harris, Manoir Kanisha 主题: ECKO arrived safely in China      

The largest donation ever received by the cat rescue organisation “RONRONNE AVEC MOI”

It is with pleasure that the Manoir Kanisha gave a financial donation to the non profit organisation RONRONNE AVEC MOI. This non profit organisation rescue, care and finds home for abandoned cats.   Following our Fall garage sale, we offered

CR 82: new flight crate required to relocate potentially aggressive dogs

CR82,  CR 82,  CR-82,  CR #82 …     different manners to write the name                 of this  flight kennel or travel crate Tim, Manager of our Pet Relocation division,  constructed the new

Iulia, afraid of spiders… holds a tarantula in Panama!

News from Panama: Iulia, who is afraid of spiders, tackled her fear with a tarantula today. Tim     Courageous Iulia! ——————————————-      

Manoir Kanisha au Panama pour la conférence annuelle de l’IPATA.

MANOIR KANISHA IN PANAMA!  The Pet Relocation Specialists of Manoir Kanisha, Tim Harris and Iulia Georgescu, are presently in Panama.  They are attending the 38th conference of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). The conference has assembled 156

ABU & MOMO: Relocation of two impressive Sulcata Tortoises, Montreal to the South of France

Here is the story of two magnificient specimens as told by their owners,  two veterinarians from Montreal, Quebec: This text was originaly written in French and translated by Tim Harris, Manager of the Manoir Kanisha Int’l Pet Relocation Division.  

The largest dog ever relocated by Manoir Kanisha: Montreal-Tornto-Manila/Philippines

I have moved some large creatures in my time. Indeed I have filled whole aircraft with farm animals, but this week I flew my largest single dog so far. CODA is a 65kg (143 pounds) Newfoundland male (5 years old) belonging to a

CHEERS for SUKA, our receptionist, who is getting married!

Soukaina Lihia et Eric Dumouchel met in the Fall of 2011 at the Collège Lasalle’s School of Arts. Eric was born in Alberta and Suka in Morocco.   She moved to Canada four years ago and completed her studies in

Our TESSALTO’s jjjj litter German Shepherd puppies, are starting to eat solid food.

During the last few days, the puppies from the TESSALTO’s JJJJ litter have began to eat solid food. They are also learning to play with one another and with us. It is a very intereting period to observe the rapid

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