My dog is afraid of water! What can I do?

      Dog lovers often say: My dog is afraid of water! What can I do? As with children, it is best for your dog to start swimming when he is a puppy. But, if he is now an adult

SCYLLA, carpet python, an unusual guest at Manoir Kanisha

    SCYLLA is one of the most unusual pets we have boarded at Manoir Kanisha. She is a CARPET PYTHON or scientifically called the “Morelia Spilota”.  We feel very privileged to care for her for a few weeks.   Originating from

I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for INDIANA!

INDIANA, a very friendly and animated 10 months old Husky-X male, was relocated from an Indian Village called Wahnapitae (located in Northen Ontario) to Montreal. His owner teaches in this remote area during the school year. Because of airline logistic INDIANA had to

A Schapendoes puppy ceased by Canadian Customs is placed in Bond at Manoir Kanisha

My Schapendoes puppy’s stay at Manoir Kanisha The boarding of a pet in boarding facilities can be very stressful for the pet and be very worrying for the family of our four-legged companion.  I had never used a boarding facility

Dogs, Cats, other pets located in flodded area… Manoir Kanisha can assist you.

Are you in a flooded area? Do you know someone who is flooded and need assistance to board their dogs, cats or any other pets? Manoir Kanisha will come and pick up your dog or cat or any other pet. We will offer

Snow is a dog’s best toy!

Many people do not enjoy winter or the white stuff we called snow. Human do not enjoy shevelling and the muscular pains associated with this activity. But, for the majority of dogs, snow is their best toy! They love to

MAYNARD was boarded many months before his departure for AUSTRALIA

The international relocation of a pet can be very complex and take a long time. Certain destination countries have very difficult import requirements. This is the case for countries such as Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia… etc. During the preparation phase,

MANFRED & POE, two Whippets puppies stuck in Montreal due to a severe winter storm

Today, we share a very special message. We received it from the new owner of MANFRED & POE, two Whippet puppies we imported from Italy. The original plan was to relocate them Italy-Montreal-Halifax. This plan had to be modified many

JEWELZIE & CUDDIES: Difficult Pet Relocation impeccably accomplished

DIFFICULT PET RELOCATION: Many pet owners assume that International Pet Relocation involves selection the correct crate size for their best friend and finding a direct flight from the origin city to the destination city. Each Pet Relocation project presents its own

SAMMY Cavalier King Charles Spaniel enjoyed Manoir Kanisha

    There are many breeds of Spaniels. The most well known are the AMERICAN COCKER SPANIEL, the ENGLISH COCKER SPANIEL and the SPRINGER SPANIEL. During the Christmas vacation, we had the privilege to host a CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIEL. It is not

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