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Kim Buckley
Google Reviews:  November 2017
What would we have done without Manoir Kanisha!

From our first encounter, 14 years ago, when they helped transport our dear miniature schnauzer, Angel, from Australia to Montreal, to our current project to send our loveable mutt, Bob, back to Australia we have had nothing but the very best care and professional attention from Nicole MacDuff and her staff.

During that time we must have used almost every service that Manoir Kanisha offers. Even when Angel was diagnosed with diabetes Manoir Kanisha’s staff were there to support us with her care.

From an over-nighter to our long visits back to Australia we always knew Angel was in the very best of hands. She had her insulin injections, walks, plays and even her own condo and when we returned she was always happy, healthy and beautifully groomed to greet us.

Now, working with Tim Harris to fill all the very strict Australian Government requirements we are absolutely confident that’s Bob’s relocation will be successful.


We will be heading home first and Bob will be in the care of Manoir Kanisha for 180 days and during that time Tim will ensure that all the required paperwork and vet visits are fulfilled. His decades of experience and knowledge have been invaluable.

Manoir Kanisha has grown over the past 14 years and is just a lovely environment in all seasons, and currently a picture with the geraniums in bloom.

I have, in the past, and will continue to recommend Manoir Kanisha to all pet owners, especially those that travel the world with their precious pets!




“Dear Mr. Harris:  

My fiancee and I just wanted to thank you infinitely for all of your help. Everything went really well in Tokyo.  Much better than I had anticipated.  

I did not wait for more than an hour at the animal quarantine service and everything went extremely smoothly. 

Now we are home in Osaka and our three cats have been exploring the apartment for a half hour.  They’re all very happy, we are so surprised.  It’s as if we were never separated, they are not scare at all. You’re right about the state of BOO’s fur,  it’s extremely matted so I am going to get her groomed at a nice little vet by my place this week, then BABYCAT the following week.

We are also going to look into dental cleaning and we already bought some toothbrushes/paste for the cats. 

Thank you again, so very much, from the bottom of our hearts.

I was very pleased with all the hard work you put into the cages, how organised and prepared they were both inside and out. We can tell that you care a lot and this makes us very happy. We will send you more photos but for now, BOO really enjoys her new closet/scratching post space. Taking a little rest after exploring every square inch of the entire apartment. Thank you so very much, again!”

Ioanis, Krysten, MOSCOW, BABYCAT & BOO







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