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Our West Island “PET HOTEL” welcomes all


Boarding for dogs, boarding for cats, boarding for birds,

boarding for rabbits, boarding for rodents, boarding for reptiles,

Grooming, Animal Transport, International Relocation,

and many other services


Manoir Kanisha’s RATES and PRICES applicable as of January 1st, 2024


Choose us and travel with peace of mind! Yes, you can now have a pet, even if your personal or professional life requires you to travel regularly. Our services include: Dog boarding, cat boarding and grooming. We also offer local animal transportation, international pet relocation, pickup and delivery.

Thanks to the excellent boarding and lodging services of the Manoir Kanisha kennel, open to the public 7 days a week (except on public holidays, during which we are closed to the public, but we will be present for animal care), you can enjoy the joy of having a pet, entrusting it to the attentive care of our experienced staff and leaving with peace of mind.

The feeling of guilt is over! Founded in 1990, Manoir Kanisha is located on the grounds of Dorval Airport in the West Island of Montreal. Since 1990, it’s the perfect place to leave your best friend while you’re away. Read reviews from our pet owners. With our passion for animals and our 31 years of experience, we offer a clean, spacious, well-lit, comfortable and safe boarding center where the well-being of your animal is our priority.


Someone lives on the premises 24 hours/day

We have at least one person living on the premises 24 hours/day. A person lives either in the main building or in the employee’s house. This home was built on our property, so we always have someone present at Manoir Kanisha 24 hours/day. This person does not offer client services after our “Before our after opening hours”.

Walking dogs … three times per day

3. Payment Method, Deposit Requirement, Cancellation Policy

All fees must be paid before the beginning of the boarding period at Manoir Kanisha. The Federal (GST) and Provincial (PST) taxes are not included in our rates. Taxes will be added to your invoice. We accept VISA, Master Card, Debit, Interac & Cash. Prices may change without notice. We do not accept cheques or the American Express Credit card. A deposit of 50% is required to confirm your boarding reservation. This deposit is not refundable but, the amount of your deposit is not lost. This amount is re-usable. It is kept under your name and can be used in the future for any services offered by Manoir Kanisha. You must cancel your reservation at least 48 hours before the arrival of your animal. If your cancellation does not respect the required delay, you will lose your deposit.

4. Before OR After Business Hours Services

At Manoir Kanisha our business hours are 8h00am – 12h30 and then between 13h30 – 18h00, every day of the week (except for certain legal holidays when we are closed to the public but our employees are on the premises to take good care of your animals). Verify our next legal holiday business schedule. If planned in advance, it will be our pleasure to offer a special service before or after our opening hours. There will be an additional fee of $50/hour, outside our opening hours. For example, if you wish us to deliver your dog to the airport at 05h00am, we will start at 04h00am, walk the dog, prepare its travel crate and deliver him at the airport for 05h00am; there will be 4 hours between the time of this required service and our opening hour (8h00 am – 4:00 am = 4 hours); therefore, there will be an additional charge of $50/hour x 4 hours = $200 plus taxes, for this before hours special service. Another example, if you want us to deliver or pick up your pet after hours, let’s say during the second hour after we close (for example at 7:45 pm), there would be an additional charge of $50/hours x 2 hours (8:00 – 6:00 = 2 hours) = $100 + taxes. Please inform us at the time of your reservation. We will plan someone to assist you at a time before or after our opening hours.


Contact us and come visit the  MANOIR KANISHA

5. VISIT our Facilities

Does all of the above sound too good to be true!!! If your answer is yes, treat yourself to a personalized tour of Manoir Kanisha. Visits to Manoir Kanisha are conducted individually, every afternoon between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Allow about 30 minutes to learn more about our dog boarding, cat boarding and grooming services. By bringing your dog, you will offer him a first contact with our environment. Call us to select the date and time of visit that suits you (514-631-1755).

“30 years of exceptional service! Thank you to the entire Manoir Kanisha team for taking care of our Safrane during his last stay at the end of May! We found Safrane happy, cheerful, relaxed and full of vigor. We are certain that she has received all the love, attention, care and hugs that she deserves (because she is adorable…) but, how to say… as if she were at home, with her family and her grandchildren friends. And, it’s so important and reassuring for us owners! We’ve been entrusting Safrane to the Manoir since 2009. I remember a stay when she completely refused to eat and Nicole took the time to understand what was going on. was going through Safrane’s head and found the solution. The great strength of Manoir Kanisha? Their great experience, their professionalism and… their humanity. Our story with Manoir Kanisha began 20 years ago, with our first dog Sissi , a dalmatian full of energy. We hope that she will continue for many years to come. Thank you very much, you are exceptional” J.L. & G.G.

6. List of all our services offered to pet owners living in the West Island of Montreal, in Dorval or in the greater Montreal area:

Kennel • Boarding kennel

Boarding dogs • Boarding for dogs • Boarding dogs

West Island • Montreal • Greater Montreal

dog daycare

Boarding cats • Boarding for cats • Boarding for cats

West Island • Montreal • Greater Montreal

Cat daycare • Cat daycare

Bird boarding • Bird boarding

Boarding rabbits • Boarding for rabbits

Rodent boarding •  Boarding for rodents

Boarding animals • Boarding for animals

West Island • Montreal • Greater Montreal

Kennel • Cattery • West Island

Accommodation for dogs • Accommodation for cats

Short-term pension • Long-term pension

Day care for dogs • Day care for cats

Activities for dogs • Activities for cats • Activities for birds •

Activities for rabbits • Activities for rodents • Activities for reptiles

Grooming • West Island • Montreal • Greater Montreal

Dog grooming • Cat grooming

Pet grooming

Stylized haircut • Trimming • Bathing • Trimming and filing claws

Photography of dogs • Photography of cats

Animal photography

Pickup • Delivery • 7 days/week

International Animal Relocation

Relocation of animals • Relocation of cats • Relocation of dogs •

Transport of dogs • Transport of cats

Transportation of animals

Air transport of dogs • Air transport of cats

Traveling dogs • Traveling cats

Pet travel

Transport of animals by road • Transport of animals by air

EXPORT of animals • IMPORT of animals


Prepay 28 boarding days and receive a REBATE of -20%.

You can add med administrations, daily plays, walks and receive the same 20% rebate

We will include free of charge either one complete grooming (up to a maximum of  $100) or 3 cutting & filing of nails ($36/each).

1990 - 2024

Thirty-four years of excellent services to pets
and their owners