10. CR 82 or CR82 : Crate for potentially AGRESSIVE DOG

Some airlines recently experienced incidents where large, strong or upset dogs escaped from their plastic kennel simply by chewing the sides of their crate.  This has resulted in much damage to the inside of the plane and danger for human passengers in flight.  Below is a special kennel constructed to respect the IATA Container Requirement No. 82, called “CR-82″, to relocate these dog breeds in safety.

The list of potentially aggressive dogs will include breeds such as Pitbull, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Cane Corso… etc.  as well as all the crosses of these breeds. The list of the potentially aggressive dog breeds should be available on your airline’s website. As example, here is the link for the list provided by the Air Canada website:



At Manoir Kanisha, we can construct any size of CR 82 travel crates with solid timber.


PRICE FOR ONE CR-82 CRATE (either small, medium or large):

$800/crate construction in solid wood + Heat Treatment Process +

+ 2 Trips to Heath Treatment Plant + 2 Taxes =………………………. $1,092.26 cad

It must be paid before the construction begins.

Plan for 3 weeks from the time we start to construct to the time we can ship it to you.

This price does not include the shipping of the crate to your residence.


These flight kennels can be tailored to fit any dog’s dimensions. The crate pictured below measures 48(L) x 32(W) x 35(H) inches. It is the equivalent in size to a No. 700/Giant plastic SKY KENNEL.  It was constructed for a Pit-Bull travelling internationally. This CR-82 crate alone (without the dog) weighs  60 kg or 132 pounds.  

We suggest that, before you buy a travel kennel for your dog, you verify if his breed or mix-breed needs a CR-82 flight kennel. Example a “Labrador-X-Pitbull” will require a CR-82 flight kennel.

Should your airline require a CR-82 for your dog, contact us as soon as possible. We need about 3 weeks to construct this type of flight kennel for the above breeds.

Once constructed, the CR-82 must be brought to a specialized company for its heat treatment. This requires an additional 2 days included in the 3 weeks. Therefore, you must plan a total of 3 weeks to construct and treat your CR-82.


“Allo Mr.Harris and Nicole!  BOSS and I made it safe in Los Angeles, California. The trip went well for both of us.  BOSS was very happy to come out of is CR-82 travel crate but he didn’t seem to be too traumatized by the relocation. He still likes to go back in his travel crate. We are using it as a dog house now (a very expensive one! haha!). We went to the beach this morning to see the sunrise, LA is very beautiful and warm. I think we are going to like it here. Thank you so much for all the help and support we got from you. It made all the difference! All the best!”        Stephanie & BOSS


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