6. Associated Services

Pick up and Delivery:

We have very comfortable and air conditioned vehicles to insure the transportation of your pet between residences, veterinarian visits, CFIA (Agriculture Canada), Montreal International Airport, etc.

Door-to-door service:

Pets hate house moves!  With their insecurity, and the doors standing open for the furniture movers, pets can often hide or escape just when you need them.  It is best policy to board them at Manoir Kanisha before the upheaval, and we can then attend to the final veterinary attention and documentation.  We can ship your best friend to your new residence when you are ready to properly care for him. At your choice we can relocate your pet door-to-door nationally or internationally. As member of IPATA (International Pet Animal Transportation Association: https://www.ipata.org/ ) we are part of an international network of competent and specialized Pet Relocators. IPATA members assist one another at transit points as well as at the destination airport to clear Customs, Agriculture and even deliver to your pet to your new home.

Boarding, Activities, Grooming:

At Manoir Kanisha, until you are ready to receive your best friend in your new residence, we can board your animal, do playtime sessions and groom you pet according to your specific instructions. (LINK… SERVICES)

Logistics, Security, Airline arrangements, Flight reservations:

We will select the best airlines and the best flights to ensure a secure and comfortable flight for your beloved cat, dog, bird, rodent or reptile.  There are international transport regulations to respect, as well as the importing country requirements.

“Pet Relocation is not a trivial activity. Let us simplify your moving project

by taking excellent care of you beloved pet”


Travel crate conditioning for your dog:

Many pets have never been in a travel container. They can be uncomfortable when first introduced to a flight kennel. At Manoir Kanisha we can gradually condition your pets to their flight kennels. This crate conditioning is done when your pets are boarded at our facilities before their departure. You could also purchase their flight kennel from Manoir Kanisha a few weeks before departure and gradually train them to spend time in their travel crate on a daily basis.



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