9. ACTIVITIES: Walks, Playtime, TLC

Whatever the season or the weather, we will complete all your scheduled activities.

We have large and secure, indoor and outdoor, playtime areas.

These areas allow us to offer your dog, or cat, walks on a leash, exercise, playtimes,combing, brushing, or any special attention as per your instructions.

Unless you have many pets in your family and they live together at home, our activities are done one pet at the time. For $24/30 minutes, one of our employees will be devoted to your animal(s). You can chose as many activity periods as you wish. See our Activities Section for your particular animal.

The “canine condo lifestyle” includes three (3) walks everyday.

SPACIOUS INDOOR PLAY AREA: provides lots of fun activities for your best friend when it is too cold, too hot, too rainy or too snowy to play outside.


01 to 07 activities : DISCOUNT of -00% ($24 /30 minutes)

08 to 28 activities : DISCOUNT of -10%

29 to 56 activities : DISCOUNT of  -20%

57+ activities : DISCOUNT of -40%

  “I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of our best friend MIA while we were away during the holiday. She was in great shape and very happy when we picked her up.                                

Your staff seemed to really be in tune with her needs.                                  

All the best to you all”


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