The successful operation of Manoir Kanisha requires a large quantity and diversity of resources.

Our team of 15 to 20 competent employees are devoted to each animal boarded at our facilities.

Many vehicles are available to assure the pick-up and delivery or your best friends. Various construction tools and equipment are necessary for the maintenance of our buildings and grounds during the different seasons.

Our buildings offer over 45,000 square feet of spacious rooms for the comfort and security of your pets.

We also have a very well equipped workshop including all the necessary tools and jigs to construct transport cages and for our various canine and feline equipement. Our large outside fenced grounds offer secure playgrounds for your various pets’ activities.

Many volunteers join our team during special projects such as the annual postal project or the interior decoration for special occasions.

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Sincere thanks to all our employees who have devoted their time, energy and affection to each pet boarded at Manoir Kanisha throughout the years.

1990 - 2019

Twenty-nine years of excellent services to pets
and their owners

Manoir Kanisha

175 avenue Jenkins, Montreal (Dorval),
(Quebec) Canada H9P 2W6

Call us: 1-514-631-1755

Fax: 514 636-1203


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Working hours

08h00 to 12h30 and
13h30 to 18h15
7 days a week
  • Closed to the public on certain holidays
  • To consult our holiday hours, please see « Holiday Schedule».


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