07. Position 1: Animal Care ATTENDANT

SCHEDULE: 4 days/week x 10 hours/day (5 hrs am + 5 hrs pm) = 40 hours/week


PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATION to a position at Manoir Kanisha:

Read the job description below (at the bottom of this page).

If you believe you are qualified for the position, please fill out our EMPLOYMENT Questionnaire (below) and make sure to include these 3 documents:

1.  A letter of introduction explaining your situation, your desire to work at Manoir Kanisha and why you should be considered a serious candidate.

2. A detailed C.V.  that includes:

  • Contact Information: full mailing address, phone number, cell, email address;
  • Education, diplomas received and various training (month/year);
  • Professional skills (example: on computer and others);
  • Previous employment (start and end, month/year) and specific references;
  • Degrees received indicating institution and date of graduation;
  • Specific experiences and activities with pets;
  • Other interests and sports practiced regularly;

3. We also ask that you submit Signed Reference Letters. Make sure to indicate the professional relationship that existed with each referee, their company name, website, email address and phone numbers. Thanks !

Before answering our questionnaire, please read to the Job Description at the bottom of this page.

1 Step 1

Questionnaire EMPLOI

Si vous souhaitez travailler avec nous, veuillez remplir ce questionnaire.
Nous sommes toujours à la recherche de personnes qui aiment travailler avec les animaux et
qui sont douées pour interagir avec les membres du public.

Pour compléter le Questionnaire, saisissez votre Prénom et naviguez dans les cases avec la touche de tabulation ("tab").

À la fin, cliquez sur ENVOYER LE QUESTIONNAIRE

Veuillez répondre à toutes les questions
1. Désirez-vous un emploi permanent à temps plein soit 30 heures (3 jours x 10 hrs/jour) ou 40 heures/semaine (4 jours x 10 hrs/jour)?
2. Êtes-vous un étudiant cherchant un emploi à temps partiel (1 jour/semaine durant l’année scolaire) et un emploi à temps plein (3 ou 4 jours/semaine) de mai à septembre et durant les vacances scolaires ou de Noël?
3. Recherchez-vous un emploi à temps partiel soit une ou deux journées par semaine?
4. Seriez-vous capable de travailler avec notre horaire: 10 heures/jour soit, de 7h15 à 12h30 et de 13h30 à 18h15 avec deux pauses de 15 minutes?
5. Avez-vous des objections à travailler tous les samedis ou tous les dimanches?
6. Est-ce que vous avez des objections à travailler les JOURS FÉRIÉS et durant toutes les VACANCES SCOLAIRES soit: période de Noël, semaine de relâche du printemps, vacances estivales et longues fins de semaines?

NOTE: Vacances annuelles. Nos périodes de pointes coïncident avec les vacances des écoliers. Tous nos employés travaillent durant nos périodes de pointe. Les vacances annuelles se prennent à l'hiver, au printemps ou à l'automne.

7. Si votre candidature était retenue, à partir de quelle date seriez-vous disponible pour commencer à travailler (jour/mois/année)?
8. Maîtrisez-vous le français et l'anglais?
9. Quelle est votre langue maternelle?
10. Est-ce que vous aimez travailler en petites équipes de 2 ou 3 personnes?
11. Êtes-vous propriétaire d'une voiture?

NOTE: Nous privilégions les candidats qui ont une voiture et qui demeurent près de Dorval. Nos expériences antérieures démontrent que les candidats demeurant loin du travail ne restent pas longtemps à notre service.

13. Confirmez-vous être exempt d'allergies aux animaux?
14. Confirmez-vous être exempt d'allergies aux plantes des champs?
15. Confirmez-vous être en bonne santé physique?

NOTE: La fiabilité des employés compétents assurent la qualité des soins aux animaux. Les candidats souvent malades ne peuvent pas offrir ces soins quotidiens.

16. Confirmez-vous avoir une très bonne santé mentale?

NOTE: Travailler avec des animaux domestiques exige une bonne santé mentale. Les candidats ayant ce genre de difficultés ne peuvent pas offrir la stabilité nécessaire aux animaux placés sous notre responsabilité.

17. Confirmez-vous être en très bonne forme physique?

NOTE: Le travail avec les animaux au Manoir Kanisha est très physique, effectué dans de grands espaces (édifices de 45,000 pieds carrés, construit sur 3 étages). Il faut être en très bonne forme physique!

20. Avez vous la preuve écrite d'avoir reçu le vaccin du Tétanos?
22. Si votre candidature était retenue, accepteriez-vous de venir faire une journée d'observation sans rémunération?
23. Confirmez-vous être diplômé d'un cours concernant les soins aux animaux?
24. Si votre réponse à la question précédente est positive, pourriez-vous confirmer le type de cours reçu?
26. Êtes-vous présentement propriétaire d'un animal domestique?
28. Avez vous l'expérience d'un travail rémunéré et à temps plein dans le domaine des animaux domestiques?
29. Si vous avez répondu par l'affirmative à la question précédente, pourriez-vous spécifier l'endroit où vous avez travaillé?
Documents à nous faire parvenir

Vous pouvez rassembler vos documents (lettre de motivation, CV, références) dans UN SEUL document PDF.
Vous pouvez utiliser les outils gratuits sur https: //www.ilovepdf.com/ pour convertir et fusionner vos documents.

Nous vous remercions de remplir ce questionnaire. Veuillez cliquer sur ENVOYER LE QUESTIONNAIRE. Nous recevrons votre questionnaire et nous vous contacterons si vos qualifications répondent à nos besoins actuels. Manoir Kanisha



1. Animal Care ATTENDANT

SCHEDULE: 4 days/week x 10 hours/day (5 hrs am + 5 hrs pm) = 40 hours/week


  • Provide animal care: meals, specific diet for each animal, fresh water, treatments, walks, administration of medication;
  • Move the dogs individually, from inside to outside and from outside to inside;
  • Indicate on the sheet the state of the animals: physical state, behavior, attitudes, appetite, urine, stools… etc.;
  • Ensure their well-being, comfort and safety at all times. Indicate the changes observed;
  • Clean and disinfect: indoor and outdoor enclosures, condos, cages, exercise areas, bowls, blankets…etc.
  • Nearly 40% of the time is spent on cleaning tasks. These tasks are essential to animal welfare;
  • Assist in basic grooming: restraint during nail clipping, baths, preparation of animals before their departure… etc.;
  • Play periods individually or with several animals (if the animals come from the same family);
  • List the cases to watch on our daily plan;
  • Respect the members of our team and the policies in effect at Manoir Kanisha.


Schedule of 40 hours per week, i.e. 4 days of 10 hours: 07:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. An unpaid lunch period: 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Two paid 15-minute breaks are offered to employees.

A 4-day week represents alternately, two working days, one day off, two working days and two days off (always including Saturday OR Sunday). During the 12-week training period, the working days will be: Sunday-Monday and Wednesday-Thursday

During peak periods (summer or Christmas holidays, long weekends), if a 5th day was sometimes required, she would be paid at time and a half.

Our employees have a fixed schedule that rarely changes from week to week. This allows our employees to properly plan their personal life outside of work.


1. MATURE PERSON, AUTONOMOUS and FLEXIBLE in terms of tasks;

2. LOVE DOGS, CATS, OTHER DOMESTIC ANIMALS (birds, rabbits, reptiles) and want to learn about them. Do not have animal allergies. Do not have allergies to field plants;

3. BE IN GOOD PHYSICAL SHAPE: The work is spread over 10 hours/day (2 x 5 hours/day). It is a physical and intense work which brings a lot of well-being to the animals and the employees;

4. Possess a GOOD PHYSICAL HEALTH: It is a physical work in our large buildings and which requires a lot of daily walks with the dogs. Good physical health is necessary to ensure punctuality and reliability at work.

5. Possess a GOOD MENTAL HEALTH: Working with animals requires great emotional stability and a constant good mood. This position is not suitable for people with depressive tendencies or other mental problems. You have to be able to show compassion for each of the animals and love working with others.

6. Present proof of valid TETANUS VACCINE* (see explanation below). Submit proof of vaccination for both COVID-19 vaccines.

7. HAVE COMPLETED THE SECONDARY DIPLOMA and provide your D.E.S. Having completed a DEC is an advantage.

8. BE BILINGUAL: Be operational and be able to conduct a conversation in French and English.

9. LOVE WORKING IN A SMALL TEAM (2 to 3 people). Possess natural abilities for mutual aid and interpersonal cooperation;

10. BE PUNCTUAL (07:00 am – 6:15 pm) and RELIABLE (avoid absences because the animals need daily care);

11. OWNING A CAR is essential to travel to our place of work located on the grounds of Montreal International Airport, in Dorval. We are far from public transport. A 25 minute walk is required between the bus stop and our pension center. In winter, this walk is difficult and exhausting. The employee who did not own a car would arrive exhausted before even starting work.

12. Demonstrate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and be recognized as an ENTHUSIASTIC person at work, towards co-workers and company management. The welfare of animals depends on our ability to motivate them to develop a good relationship with us;

13. Have read the Manoir Kanisha website to better understand our mission and our services: https://www.Manoir-Kanisha.com


The animal handler has two sources of income: a) depending on the preparation of the candidate, the training period begins with an hourly wage and b) commissions on the execution of play periods and other activities such as assistance to grooming.

The candidate will receive a 12-week (3-month) training, during which he must demonstrate a great desire to learn, an excellent work ethic, be punctual and reliable. Absences must be avoided because animal care cannot be postponed overnight. It is necessary to demonstrate the ability to master the procedures in force in our company and an ease in integrating into our team of employees.

After the training period, the hourly wage will be reconsidered based on the candidate’s performance in performing their duties properly and becoming a member of our team. A regular evaluation of the tasks to be learned and mastered allows the candidate to better understand the tasks to be performed and the weak points to be improved.


We would like to receive the name, phone number and email address of previous employers. Indicate the professional relationship that existed with each referent and the dates of the period of employment.

*What is tetanus?

Tetanus is a bacterial disease that can be caught not only by stepping on a rusty nail, as is popularly believed, but also by contact with soil, dust, mud and excrement (faeces) of animals and of humans, or by an animal bite. If the bacteria causing the disease comes into contact with an open wound, it can be fatal. Tetanus attacks the muscles to reach the nerves and affect the entire nervous system, which can be extremely painful. The first muscles usually affected are those of the jaws, which become stiff and “lock”. It is for this reason that tetanus is also called “lockjaw” in English. Prevention and control of tetanus: Tetanus can be prevented by vaccination. Teenagers and adults should be given a booster dose every 10 years.

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