Dog Grooming



Grooming, Shaving, Stylized Cut, Ear Plucking,

Cut and Filing of the Nails

We take the time to offer excellent grooming services to your Dog.

Complete Dog Grooming Services in 10 steps:

  1. Thorough combing and/or brushing;
  2. Cutting and Filing of the nails (“Pet-a-cure”);
  3. Plucking and/or cleaning of ears;
  4. Emptying the anal glands;
  5. Bathing with a non-allergenic shampoo;
  6. Thorough rinsing (Insecticidal, Skunk-Off or medicated shampoo available on request).                                   You can bring your own shampoo;
  7. Conditioner bath and thorough rinsing;
  8. Fluff-dry;
  9. Shave and/or styling cut;
  10. Light perfumed coat conditioner and/or oil for the smooth coated dog.

Grooming fees vary according to the size, breed, coat type, styling cut requested and the behavior of your dog.

Extra fees ($30/hour) will be charged for difficult de-matting of coat and/or for the difficult behaviour of your dog requiring the assistance of another person to control your dog during the  grooming procedures.

 Partial Dog Grooming Services available:     Debbie-Jazz-ZOOM-IN-22-11-2013-Nails-29_1-e1385321775708-300x224

a) Cutting and Filling of nails (“pet-a-cure”);

b) Plucking and/or Cleaning of Ears:

c) Emptying the anal glands;

A fee of $25 is charged for the first partial service($25/1st service); $5 for a second service ($30/2 services) and another $5 for a 3rd service ($35/3 services).

d) Bath only (no grooming). Sometimes a long coat needs combing before a bath. The price of the bath only is 60% of the price of a complete grooming for this breed.

Here are various photos representing different steps of the grooming procedures at Manoir Kanisha:



“Hi Nicole, Just wanted to let you know that I’m very impressed with Jay-Jay’s spa treatment (grooming) and Duke’s nails.  Both boys slept most of the day when they came home.   They look great and your staff did an amazing job.  Thank you and your staff for taking such great care of my two big boys.  Definitely will recommend you and you have a return customer should I have grooming or boarding needs in the future.”

                                  Urszula A.  


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