01. Our Human Resources

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DEBBIE… Our Groomer

JOSIE… House cleaning

KIANA – Animal Care Attendant

LORRAINE… Cat Care Attendant and House Cleaning of our indoor public areas

Lorraine’s text to be included soon…

MICHAËL… Our Grounds & Building’s Maintenance person. He also constructs wood travel crates and prepares travel Crates for our International Pet Relocations program. He is one of our most experienced Animal Care Attendant.

“I have been an employee of Manoir Kanisha for more than 18 years (since 2002). My love for animals is the first reason why I decided to apply to work here. Now, I also really appreciate the team spirit, the working atmosphere, the diversity of the tasks and so many other reasons.
One of the things I enjoy so much at Manoir Kanisha are the large fenced playgrounds where we can let  each dog run freely and securely during their playtime sessions. I also do the maintenance of our buildings (repairs, light renovations, painting, etc.) and the preparation of the travel crates used for the relocation of the animals we export all over the world.”  Michael

NICOLE… Founder of Manoir Kanisha, President and General Manager

“From my earliest memories, my father thought me how to love and understand all species of animals, from worms to spiders, fishes to birds, chickens to horses, cats to dogs… I was still unable to walk when our beautiful dog PRINCESS had her first litter. I spent all my awakened hours close to the puppies and their mother and I was so fascinated. During my primary and high school years I shared my life between competitive sports (figure skating and artistic gymnastics), my animals and my studies. I decided to do my B.Sc. in Physical Education (Université de Montréal 1964-68)) and my M.Sc. in Biomechanics (Penn State University 1968-70). Between 1960 and 1985, my life was closely linked to the Physical Education at the Université de Montréal, at first as a student but most of these years as a professor. In 1970, I started to coach the Montreal University Women’s Gymnastic Team. In 1972 I founded the Montreal GYMNIX Club.  After 48 years (1972-2020), it is still ranked as one of the best gymnastics clubs in Canada.
I never lost my passion for animals.  During 45 years (1970-2015), I bred and raised conformation German Shepherds Dogs and competed under the prefix TESSALTO. After completing my Ph.D. studies in Business Administration at McGill University (1980-83), I return to teach at the University of Montreal and decided to devote all my leisure time to breeding, showing and boarding animals. I finally left the University and in 1990, this pastime became a small business called The DORVAL CANINE CENTER inc. In 1996, we started to board cats and the name was modified to MANOIR KANISHA inc. This year, in 2020, we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Depending of the season, we hire between 10 and 15 employees. In our large buildings of more than 45,000 square foot, we offer boarding, grooming, pet photography, local pet transport, international pet relocation and many other services for all species of pets. And the adventure continues…”   Nicole

PEGGY… Animal Care Attendant

“I have always been connected to nature and felt the greatest joy being in the company of animals, learning their language, getting to know their individuality and, taking care of them. Working here at The Manoir Kanisha gives me the opportunity to extend and share my appreciation and calling in a superb atmosphere with other like-minded employees.
My background involves walking, running and, exploring backcountry trails in the company of rugged working breed dogs, all of which I learned to read:  Irish Setters, Malamutes, German Shepherds, Husky crosses, and no less than 5 Akitas. I bring both fun and communication into the adventure of outdoor playtimes and the dogs learn very quickly I am attuned to all their needs.  I have recently started to learn a few basic grooming skills at a beginner level. I am pleased to be a part of this excellent team and be of service to both pet owners and their creature family members.”    Peggy

TIM… The Manager of our PET RELOCATION Division. He also designs and constructs tailor wood crates such as CR-82.

“I studied Agriculture at Edinburgh University, Scotland.   Most of my life has been dedicated to raising pigs on my farm in England.   My breeding program, recognized mainly for its health status, led me to relocate my animals all over the world, mainly to France and in South East Asia.   This expanded to shipping over 50,000 animals of all types including sheepdogs and frozen genetics.  The smallest animals I have shipped are Acheta domestica (the common hearth cricket).  The largest animal I have transported is a fully grown giraffe.  I hold two UK export records which I don’t believe have been beaten.:   By road to France I shipped 720 breeding pigs on 12 trucks in one consignment.  For Singapore I still have the Export Health Certificate for567 breeding pigs filling a 747-freigher by air.  I am also the only person you will ever know who has shipped rabbits in commercial quantities (600 animals) to the Leporidia-phobe country Australia.
In 2006, 14 years ago, after selling my farm, I accepted the position of Manager of the PET RELOCATION DIVISION at Manoir Kanisha and moved to Montreal, Canada.    Previously, I would relocate 400 animals per shipment to one client on each project a few times a year.  Today, I relocate more than 400 animals per year on 400 deliveries involving 800 clients.   This is much more demanding because it is necessary to manage the emotions of the 800 owners, always worried about what is going on with their “best friend” traveling to the other side of the world.

And I thought I was retiring in Canada!”    Tim

1990 - 2024

Thirty-four years of excellent services to pets
and their owners


Manoir Kanisha
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