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Here are our employees:


Alyssa… Client Services and  Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

“Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always had a passion for animals. I was very lucky to find Manoir Kanisha and be a part of their team. I started  as a kennel attendant working with the animals, and now I am at the front desk working as a receptionist. I am very happy to collaborate with such a great team. Manoir Kanisha has a very good clientele, always happy and respectful. This makes my day a lot easier and makes it a pleasure to work with the public. I also learnt how to take pictures which are often used on our website. Manoir Kanisha has taught me a lot.”  Alyssa 


Catherine… Care for your Dogs, Cats and Other Pets



Cynthia… Client Services and Care for your Dogs, Cats and Other Pets

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Debbie… Groomer and Care for your Dogs, Cats and Other Pets 



Éric… Care for your Dogs, Cats and Other pets 


Janet… Assistant Manager and training our new Animal Care Attendants. Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets. 

I grew up with Siberian Huskies. For many years, I helped my father with sled dog running for fun and sport.  We would have 5 or 7 dogs pulling our sled for 10 to 15 miles, 3 or 4 times a week. Presently, I have 2 dogs: a 9 year old German Shepherd-mix and an 8 year old Husky.  At least one a week we participate in obedience, rally and/or agility. My working career began in the 1980s in hotel meeting and convention sales.  After 12 years with a major hotel chain, I then took a few years off to raise my 2 children.  Once they were older, I went back into the working world in a gourmet food store.Four years ago I joined the Manoir Kanisha team and can honestly say, “I love my job”.  Since my childhood, dogs have always been a big part of my life. Every day I enjoy coming to work at Manoir Kanisha and taking care of animals of different species, breeds, ages, sizes and ages.  Years ago I booked hotel rooms for people and now I book condos for animals!  At Manoir Kanisha, we care for each pet as though it was our own Best Friend. Animals are such a wonderful part of our lives.  Janet


Josie… House cleaning for offices, reception area, bathroom, hallways, stairways… etc.


Karolina… Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets

I am currently studying biology at the University of Montreal. The Manoir Kanisha seemed from the first moment like an ideal place to be able to fulfill my passion for animals. Having a job whose task is to take care of animals as if they were our own is the happiest job ever! This is a place where the entire team shares the same passion. I myself have always had pets at home, and they are everything to me. Working with animals is doing the best job in the world, and the Manoir Kanisha allows me to be part of this great experience.” Karolina


Michaël… Care for your Cats & Dogs, Grounds and building Maintenance and Crate Preparation for our International Pet Relocation program.

I have been an employee of Manoir Kanisha for more than 14 years. My love for animals is the first reason why I decided to apply to work here. Now, I also really appreciate the team spirit, the working atmosphere, the diversity of the tasks and so many other reasons. One of the things I enjoy so much at Manoir Kanisha are the large fenced playgrounds where we can let  each dog run freely and securely during their playtime sessions. I also do the maintenance of our buildings (repairs, light renovations, painting, etc.) and the preparation of the travel crates used for the relocation of the animals we export all over the world. Michael (August 2013)


Nicole… President, Founder and General Manager

From my earliest memories, my father thought me how to love and understand all animals, from worms to spiders, fishes to birds, chickens to horses, cats to dogs… I was still unable to walk when our beautiful collie PRINCESS had her first litter. I spent all my awakened hours close to the puppies and their mother and I was so fascinated. During my primary and high school years I shared my life between competitive sports (figure skating and artistic gymnastics), my animals and my studies. I decided to do my B.Sc. in Physical Education (Université de Montréal) and my M.Sc. in Biomechanics (Penn State University). Between 1960 and 1985, my life was closely linked to the Physical Education at the Université de Montréal, at first as a student but most of these years as a professor. In 1970, I started to coach the Montreal University Women’s Gymnastic Team. In 1972 I founded the Montreal GYMNIX Club, who is still today one of the best clubs in Canada. But, I never lost my passion for animals. During the last 45 years (1970-2015), I bred and raised conformation German Shepherds Dogs and competed under the prefix TESSALTO. After completing my Ph.D. studies in Business Administration at McGill University, I decided to devote all my leisure time to breeding and boarding animals. In 1990, this pastime became a small business called The DORVAL CANINE CENTER inc. In 1996, we started to board cats and the name was modified to MANOIR KANISHA inc. This year, in 2016, we celebrate our 26th anniversary. During our peak season, we hire 18 employees. In our large buildings of more than 45,000 square foot, we offer boarding, grooming, pet photography, international pet relocation and many other services for all species of pets. And the adventure continues… Nicole 

OLGA…  Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets



Olivier… Animal care and flight kennel construction for dogs, cats and any other pets


Rachel… Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets


Rosalie… Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets


Roxane… Care for your Dogs, Cats & Other Pets


Tim… Manager of our PET RELOCATION Division






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Manoir Kanisha

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