Our workshop is equipped with a wide variety of tools and custom made jigs for the construction of every type of flight kennel for pets. Whether it is a tortoise, a bird, a rabbit, a ferret… etc., every animal requires a special container designed for its specific needs.

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For each species the size and construction of a flight kennel must meet or exceed the minimum standards laid down by the IATA/ LAR (International Air Transport Association/ Live Animal Regulations). Our Pet Relocation Manager, Mr. Tim Harris is an Observer on the IATA Live Animals and Perishables Board.

Equally, our in-house skills and equipment allow us to install, repair and replace the structure of our buildings. In every room, we are continually adjusting the environment to best care for the animals and facilitate the work for the employees.

If you have an interest in carpentry or renovation, ask to see our workshop. It will be our pleasure to show you the equipment in our Company ‘Board Room’.


To ensure the comfortable transport of your a bird, his container requires three specific dimensions: the height above the perch, the space below the perch and the diameter of the perch to give a comfortable grip.



Standard commercial flight kennels come in fixed dimensions.  They satisfy most dog breeds.  The kennel must exceed the height and length of the dog.

However, some breeds are too large even for the largest commercial kennel.  Whilst nothing can be done to extend the length of a plastic kennel, we can increase the height between 2-9 inches for particular breeds, such as a Great Dane or an over height GSD.  Our height extensions are made in house, and manufactured entirely from plywood so that they satisfy the Timber Treatment Regulations.

Furthermore, we conceal the original nuts and bolts within the design so that the kennel can be returned to its original dimensions after use if required for re-sale.


As seen in the picture above, for very tall dogs, we can increase the height of the commercial travel crate: “Prices for height extensions and specialist containers are available on request”.  Send us an E-mail.



For really oversize breeds (Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees…) we can manufacture any size of kennel, up to the max dimensions of the selected aircraft cargo door.

Recycling Wood Travel Crates

The Pet Relocation Manager at Manoir Kanisha, Mr. Tim Harris, comes from a lifetime in farming. This has taught him to be resourceful and, where possible, to recycle.

Many wooden kennels coming from foreign countries are refused by most airlines in Montreal, because they are not water proof or  “new or unused”.  Tim is in the habit of taking them apart and recycling them into other projects.

In his Pet Relocation office, Tim badly needed a more efficient way to access his client’s numerous files. He used the wood from travel crate to build a Rotary File is a recent project. To learn more about how this is done, see Tim’s posting on the LUMBERJOCKS website. His nickname for this woodworking projects is TROTTER:


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