Cat Pick up and/or Delivery

We offer a personalised service for pickup or delivery of your cat(s), seven days per week. This service must be planned and booked in advance.

The costs of pickup and delivery depend on the distance of the postal code of your residence from that of Manoir Kanisha (H9P 2W6). The distance is determined on the Mapquest website.

We charge by the number of kilometres in each direction. For example, if we pick up your cat at a postal code that is located 75 kms from Manoir Kanisha, you would be charged 2 x 75 kms = 150 kms. We charge a flat fee for all transportations done within the Island of Montreal.

Preparation of a crate for the transport of your best feline friend:

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We charge a basic fee of $95.00 (pick up or delivery) for the transport of one cat made on the Island of Montreal. Each additional cat will be charged an extra $40.00.

At your choice, we can use your container or our cat travel crate.

Pickups and deliveries have to be planned in advance. We cannot be in two places at once. Additional fees are charged if you need services outside our business hours.  During our opening hours, we charge only the distance fee.  For the well being of your best friend, it is better to avoid the time of the heavy rush-hour traffic in downtown Montreal.

We use comfortable and insulated vehicles that are heated or air conditioned (depending on the season). Our travel crates will be selected according to the size of your cat. For example, to pick up a very large cat, we would need to use a size # 300 travel crate.  For a kitten or a very small cat, we might use a #100 or #200 kennel.

The vehicle would be chosen in proportion to the number of cat kennels to relocate. If we have to rent a special vehicle to collect 15 cats in 15 crates, the rental costs would be added to the distance fee.

For the transport of every additional animal after the first cat, a small additional fee of $40.00 is added. This fee allows for the extra manipulation, crate cleaning, and disinfection.

Please book your transportation needs at the same time as booking your boarding. Because of the heavy Montreal traffic situation, we can only provide so many transportation services daily.

When we pick up or deliver a cat, the fees are calculated and charged to your VISA or MASTERCARD before departure from Manoir Kanisha. We will call you to confirm the total fees for all the required services.

We may sometimes have to do long distance transportation for a special cat that could not be relocated by air.

We suggest that you do not feed your cat before pickup. Many animals may vomit a recent meal whilst road traveling.

For each cat relocation, we will place a litter box at the back of the travel crate. A nice antislip carpet will provide a firmer footing for your feline. Your cat will have access freely to water during transport.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic situation, we would like to reassure you that we are always here to give excellent care of your four-legged best friends. As usual, we clean and disinfect all the pet boarding areas.

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In our reception area, we allow only one client at the time. We have now added new special procedures to clean and disinfect meticulously our surfaces after each client. 1-514-631-1755

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