8. Cat Relocation

Are you moving to a new city?

Would you like to move your cat to a new country?

Whether you need to relocate to Shanghai, Moscow, Sydney or anywhere else, use our services.

As very experienced IPATA members, we specialize in some of the most difficult destinations.

There is more to relocating a cat than you can imagine. International regulations may affect many procedures such as the veterinary preparation, the flight kennel requirements, endangered species protection, animal welfare, aircraft restrictions, weather conditions, flight planning, carriers, transits cities, as well as the travel requirements of your specific cat.

We can assist you to properly prepare your feline friend so he will meet the airline regulations and all the import requirements of your destination country.  To assist you, we will need full details of your cat, his name and date of birth, vaccination dates, identification, addresses of origin and delivery etc. Until our full Relocation web page is complete, please email your relocation requests in detail to nicole@manoirkanisha.com

For more information read our detailed section on Pet Relocation.

For a free estimate, please complete the PET RELOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE.

Relocation of our 4 cats:  Ottawa – Montreal – Amsterdam – Doha/Qatar…

Dear Nicole and Tim: 

Manoir Kanisha is the best we ever seen in the field of Live Animal Handling and Care. If there is a trophy it should be yours as an excellent establishment in the world.  This comment is coming from someone that is a “Cat Fanatic” that is very protective of mine as well as all type of animals.  

Such dedication in this type of service is a reflect of very humane and loving individuals like you Nicole and with the honorable quality of Tim. We are honored to have made your acquaintance and have enjoyed your professionalism and services. Sincerely,”

Eng. Anees Al-S. & Dr. F. Al-A. Owners of Angel, Balloux, River & Gendhis Khan

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