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Nicole MacDuff


QUESTION: My cat is vomiting regularly. What can I do?

~~On Fri, Dec 13, 2013 at 8:15 PM, Don and Sharon s…..@pei….    wrote:
Hello, Good People.
We have problems with the persistent cat vomiting…



Dear Sharon,

Visit you veterinarian. Assuming that there are no medical condition, here are few suggestions for Cat Care.

At Manoir Kanisha, we do not recommend to use the fine clumping cat litter. Cat will lick the fine clumping litter off their paws and coat and, on long terms, it may cause blockage. We use the regular litter. Cat teeth should be cleaned professionally by a veterinarian, once per year.

With a healthy feline with good dentition, feeding a hard dry food that cats have to chew will protect the teeth. One sardine in oil, a few times per week is excellent for a shiny coat. They will shed less, so they swallow less dead hair when cleaning themselves.

In our experience, many domestic cat vomits because they have an accumulation of hair balls in their stomach. These hair balls are cause by the accumulation of hair swallowed during the cat’s daily licking & cleaning of its coat.  I recommend to use one inch of LAXATONE once or twice per week. It is a paste that will dissolve the hair balls in the stomach and reduces the vomiting of cats. It looks like a toothpaste of molasses color and has a taste that cat likes.

I place one inch on my finger and rub it on the inside of the front leg. Because it is a strange sticky substance, the cat will lick it, swallow it  and it will clean the stomach from the Hair ball. The LAXATONE comes in different flavors. I use the regular one and it works very well.

We also recommend to exercise the cats 15 minutes a few times per day. I take my cat on a long leash and harness and walk in the long corridors on my condo building. Most people do not stimulate their cats to exercise. Just like for human lack of exercise creates all kinds of problems such as  obesity, diabetic… etc.

Visit our Website section on cats:

Happy Holidays from a cat lover in Montreal,

Nicole MacDuff, President, MANOIR KANISHA,


Subject: Oil and Vaseline could generate very loose stools for some cats…

Hi again Sharon,

I read your last exchanges about the use of Vegetable Oil or Vaseline to reduce Hair balls.
If one should use Oil or Vaseline, they should keep a close look on the cat’s stools.
These two items may cause your cat to generate very loose stools.

That is why I recommend sardine in oil.
The “Millionnaires Sardines” brand is not expensive and the cats usually love sardine in oil.

Once the can is open, it is important to remove them from the can keep them in a sealed container in the fridge
Do NOT keep them in the metal can after opening.

I suggest to pull one sardine out of the plastic container make sure to give some oil with it.
Let it warm up to room temperature before offering it to the cat.
Warm sardines will smell good (to the cat) and increase the taste.

I suggest that you mash the sardine with a fork to mix the sardine and the sardine oil together.

Look at our website. Here is the link to the ENGLISH version of our Cat Services chapters:

Good luck,

Nicole MacDuff, President, MANOIR KANISHA


Q. What current vaccinations my cat needs for boarding at Manoir Kanisha?


CATS: Rabies,

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