9. Custom Crate for “OTHER PETS”: bird, rabbit, ferret, turtle, snake, fish

The commercial flight kennels are acceptable for the majority of cats and dogs. But if your pet is a different specie such as bird, rabbit, ferret, turtle, guinea pig, fish… etc. we will have to construct a special travel crate to meet his specific needs during travel. Here are some examples of these special flight kennels:

Travel crate for your turtle:

It is most important that a turtle cannot turn over on its back. So, for your pet turtle, we will construct a travel container with a low roof over it’s body:

For tropical turtle we need to insure a warm environment.

During the winter months, we place hand warmers under the double floor of the turtle travel crate.


Travel crate for your bird:

Your pet bird may not feel very comfortable walking many hours on the slippery floor of a dog crate. So, we will build a special flight kennel with a secure horizontal perch. This perch should be high enough from the ground, so your bird’s tail does not touch the floor, and far away from the inside roof of the crate so his head does not touch the top of his flight kennel. The circumference of the perch should be the appropriate size to your bird’s foot and toes so he can perch in a secure and comfortable manner.


Travel crate for your Ferret, Chinchilla, Guinea Pig… etc.

As you can imagine, each special pet (Snake, Lizard, Rabbit…) needs to have an appropriate travel container constructed to meet their very special needs. For example, to relocate a ferret, we must install a very small mesh to prevent the animal protruding his little nose or tiny legs through the door openings.


Travel crate for the relocation of 3 kits (Baby rabbits):

In this projet, 3 Kits (baby rabbits), were relocated in the same travel crate. They required separation between each of them. During air transport, the  baby rabbits require the constant availability of water and should have fresh vegetables to chew on:



You can observe in the above pictures that we placed celery and carrots for each kits. They arrived at destination in excellent condition.

Travel Crate for Snakes

Not every human is fond of snakes, but these are surprisingly common family pets.   In Canada it is illegal to own venomous snakes, but there are many constrictor species kept in private homes.  Some grow to a great length.

If we are asked to transport a 24-foot long Boa Constrictor, we do not construct a container 24 foot long and 9 inches square!  The illustration below shows just such a large reptile container that was shipped from Montreal to Mexico along with 20 other snakes of smaller proportions.  It was properly ventilated and well insulated.  The interior was darkened and contained heat pads inside the double floor.  The snake chooses its own position for comfort during transport.  Smaller specimens may travel in small hammocks for their comfort and protection.




More at this link:   http://lumberjocks.com/projects/71200

Travel Crate for Fishes

Few people realise that more fish are transported by air than almost any other animal.  This is mainly accounted for by the capture of tropical fish in SE Asia that are flown to Europe and America for ornamental purposes.  Manoir Kanisha has experience of transporting aquarium fish.  The size of the container is determined by the size, number and type of fish to be carried.  Many fish are CITES species.  There are some specific requirements for spiny species and corals.  The basic principle is for fish to be transported in well oxygenated water contained in sealed plastic bags, which are themselves contained in rigid containers to prevent damage, puncture or entry of light.  The water must be the correct pH and proper temperature for the species concerned, and may require an insulated layer in the packaging.

fish-transport-poisson-tori-manoir-kanisha-1000-300x200            fish-transport-relocalisation-poisson-manoir-kanisha-1001-300x200




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