Excess baggage vs manifest cargo

If your airline of choice allows pets to travel as excess baggage, the cost of transport will be much less than sending them as manifested cargo.  We at Manoir Kanisha are cargo specialists. If you wish to take your pet as excess baggage, only you, the passenger can make your own arrangements directly with the passenger desk of your airline.  The acceptance or refusal of your animal will depend on the policy of the airline, the flight you have chosen, the weight and dimensions of the kennel, the number of transits (if any), the country of destination, the type of ticket you hold, and what your animal may be in excess of.  Either way, your pet will still travel in the same cargo space of the aircraft.  Do not confuse excess baggage with accompanied baggage (i.e. bags carried in the passenger cabin).  Only in very rare exceptions will the airline allow pets in the passenger cabin and it will have to be small enough to fit under the seat during the complete trip.

Let us explain that there is a load of difference between carrying a pet as a) excess baggage, and shipping as b) manifested cargo.


In this alternative called excess baggage, the airline will never take any responsibility for the pet, only the container, regardless of what is inside.  The passenger only receives a baggage ticket or receipt, just as for any other suitcase.  The owner is wholly responsible for the animal, and it cannot travel in the passenger cabin on international flights.  This is why your best friend must be housed in a rigid container up to IATA standards.  The size of the container will depend on the breed and the dimensions of your pet. Only the passenger can make this booking along with their airline ticket.  At Manoir Kanisha, we cannot make this type of booking for you because we do not know the status of your ticket or what your animal may be “in excess of”.


At Manoir Kanisha, we are cargo specialists. We make estimates accordingly.  When your best friend travels as manifested cargo, the airline takes over responsibility for the pet in transit, not just the container.

You may question why a veterinary visit is required even for a domestic flight.  The reason is simple: the airline has to know that your pet is ‘fit to fly’.  They (and we) do not know your animal and responsible airlines will not accept your pet without this examination certificate.  For all international flights, the appropriate International Health Certificate is required as well as a current rabies vaccination certificate. 

Your pet will travel on an Air Waybill (AWB) and the airline may require the consignee at destination to acknowledge an ‘OK-to-Forward’ before we can load the animal on the plane at departure.  We can make cargo bookings on your behalf provided we have a full name, address, telephone and email address for the consignee. 

Similarly, from long experience in Pet Relocation, we advise to cut and file your pet’s nails before travel.  By scratching on the travel crate’s door, there is a risk that some nails may break and bleed. In which case, the airline will refuse to transport your animal.  This is why we will include the service of “cutting and filing the nails” in our estimate.  If you select a complete grooming, the nail cutting and filing is included in this procedure.

It is important to verify if your animal is fit for transport.

But, most important you should ask:

“Is this transport fit for my Best Friend?”



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