01. FAQ for Dogs

QUESTION: What is the cost for grooming my Shih Tzu?

From: Cathy K…. [mailto:info@…..]
Sent: September-22-13 7:25 AM
To: Nicole MacDuff
Subject:  What is the cost for grooming our SALLY a Shih-Zu-X?


I just saw your ad on Kijiji and I would like to try your service for my little Sally, she is a 5mths Shit-zu mix with poodle or abanis – i think, I got her last Tuesday. I attach a picture, she is great and likes to be groom.

I would like to know, how much would be your service if I i drop her every Saturday for grooming. I really want to keep her fur long and nicely done.

I myself brush/comb everyday, but she get fluffy and she need a bath at lease once week or every second week.

She comes with me at work every day and I carry her everywhere. I would like to drop her tomorrow morning, I washed her last Wednesday, but would like her to get a full grooming.

Anyway, I really like your ad and I need help with my little girl.

Thanks a lot



From: Nicole MacDuff
Sent: September-22-13 9:33 AM
To: ‘info@……..’
Subject: FW: SALLY’s Grooming at Manoir-Kanisha

Dear Mrs. Kermelly,

Thank you for your request and for the adorable picture of your little SALLY.

At Manoir Kanisha, we offer a loyalty card to clients who want to have frequent groomings. If a client does 6 groomings (within the next 12 months), the sixth grooming would be free of charge.

For a long coat Shih Tzu breed, if the coat is combed regularly and has no knots, the charge would be $65. Our groomer is very experienced and gentle. We will ask you the appropriate questions so we can do what you want us to do, so SALLY will have “the look” you want after grooming.

Suggestions: For those clients who want to have a long coat on a Shih Tzu or Shih Tzu-X, we normally do a “little trim” under her feet (so she does not slip on hardwood floors), keep her genital area clean (so she does not carry urine in her local anal area hair after doing her business), clean her ears very well (her ears may need to be plucked for extra hair), cut and file each nail, give her a first bath, rinse very well, do a second bath with a “White Coat shampoo” so her white color would be bright and beautiful. Then, we would apply a gentle conditioner so her coat would be shiny and make it easier for you to comb her coat every day.

To try our grooming services, just call us (514-631-1755) to make your appointment for next Saturday, Sept 29. You would bring her early in the morning and we would call you when she is ready. Or, at your choice, SALLY can stay with us all day at no extra charge. Let’s say you needed the day to do some errands, you get the doggy daycare services at no extra charge. Many of our clients like to take their Saturday off to run around the stores. As long as you pick SALLY up before 6h15 pm (our closing time), you can take advantages of a full daycare at no extra cost.  I hope this has answer your question,

Nicole MacDuff, President, MANOIR KANISHA


Q. What current valid vaccinations should my dog have for boarding at Manoir Kanisha?


DOGS: Rabies, DAPP-(Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus);


Leptospirosis and


QUESTION: Our SIBERIAN HUSKY sheds a lot.  Is it normal for this breed?

From: Andrew R. ar…..@gmail.com]
Sent: August-27-13 1:04 AM
To: Nicole MacDuff
Subject:   LAIKA, our Husky, arrived Vancouver safe & sound . She was bathed and she sheds a lot.  Is this normal?

Hi there Nicole

We made a quick video about Laika for everyone. I hope it answers most of your questions. No sign of infection our vet said. She gets her stitches out on Saturday from her hysterectomy surgery. We just got her bathed and she sheds a lot:


Thank you again for all your work! She is amazing!!!

Andrew R.

ANSWER: If GROOMED PROPERLY the HUSKY should not shed constantly…

From: Nicole MacDuff
Sent: August-27-13 9:59 PM
To: ar…..@gmail.com
Subject: Nicole’s secret for LAIKA’s grooming…

Dear Mr. Adrew R.,

I am so pleased that you have done this video of LAIKA. She looks super good and she seems to like you. Your voice shows how much you love her already. I am so happy for you and for LAIKA. I will share this video with all our employees who took good care of LAIKA while she was with us at Manoir Kanisha.

In this video you say that “…it is normal for this breed to shed all the time.” I do not agree. If they are groomed properly they will not shed all the time.

May I share my grooming experience with Huskies, Malamutes, Elkhounds… etc. These breeds do not shed all over if they are combed properly and regularly. I have done Dog Show Grooming for many years and I also have trained many groomers at Manoir Kanisha. I would like to share my Husky GROOMING SECRET with you.

Many Nordic Breeds carry a double coat and most of the time they have a lot of loose dead undercoat. This is why they shed so much.

If they shed (and more so after a bath) it is because they were not combed before their bath. It is my observation that most groomers just brush and bath Huskies. They return home clean but shedding more after then before their grooming session. This is a little discouraging for their owners.

Sometimes, in grooming for the SHOW RING, the handler wants to keep a lot of undercoat to demonstrate more volume. Therefore the male dog looks bigger to impress the judges. So, for the SHOW RING,  we would avoid taking too much undercoat. This is not the case for a dog going to a family home. In this case we want to minimize vacuuming time.

May I suggest that you get yourself a very good metal comb. Not a brush, not a rake, not a shedding tool but a real good wide metal comb. Consider investing in a “Greyhound Comb”. Look at this link:


To avoid constant shedding, I suggest the following steps:

a) Comb thoroughly starting from the extremities of the tail, feet and gradually comb towards the middle and gradually move towards the head.

b) It is most important that,  if you are a right handed person, you learn to use the left hand properly. Use the left hand to push, hold and stabilize the skin just above the area you are combing. This way the dog’s skin will not move as you comb.

c) Comb a very small area at the time. You will be amazed how much hair will come out on your comb and… not in your house or in your car!

Below, I am including a few pictures of an Alaskan Malamute called Lestor. I include a few before and after grooming pictures. On the after grooming pictures you can see that there are no loose hair on the dog.

d) The combing has to be done all the way down to the skin, one small area at the time… aboutone inch wide at the time. It must be enjoyable for the dog. If you try to comb too wide an area, the dog will feel the pulling on the hair, it will be painful and he/she will not like the combing procedure.

e) Avoid bathing the dog BEFORE it has been thoroughly combed. Complete two (2) baths, each followed by a very good rinsing, then apply a good quality coat conditionner and rinse again very well.

f) Then, fluff dry thoroughly with a medium heat hair dryer. Avoid using a hot hair dryer because it will dry the dogs skin

g) Finish with a thorough combing everywhere. At this step, if you have combed completely before the bath, there should be no loose hair left on your comb.

This procedure will allow the dog to go home from the grooming room with no loose hair on their body. Following a good grooming session, if the owner comb their dog twice a week (or even better, every 2 days) their Husky will not shed.

We recommend that Husky-type coated dogs be groomed and comb professionnally every 10 to 12 weeks (4 times per year). More often if the dog gets very dirthy. It is better to use a very gentle shampoo and apply a very good quality coat conditioner. Most important is to rinse thoroughly.

One can understand that if a dog was not combed thoroughly before its bath, it will be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to rinse thoroughly the double coated breeds. Consequently, the shampoo stays in the coat and dries close to the skin. That is the reason why many of these dogs scratch their skin after a bath.

Many clients who have used groomers who only brush and bath their Huskies, cannot believe that their dog do not lose any hair when they return home. Of course, this combing procedure takes longuer and the cost of the grooming is more expensive. But, when the client realise that the dog does not shed in the house, they do not mind investing some extra dollars every 3 months and save time in vacuuming.

What is more fun… combing your best friend or vacuuming the house?

I am persuaded that if the owners of double coated breeds would learn how to comb their coat, they would really enjoy these wonderful and friendly nordic dogs. As a consequence it would not be so difficult to find a good home to rescue Huskies, Malamutes, Elkhound… etc.

Sometimes giving a little bit of fish oil in their food can improve coat quality and reduce the dryness of the hair. We use sardine in oil  and the Millionaire Sardines, are not expensive. We give one sardine twice per day in their dry food. They love it and, for certain dogs, it makes quite a difference on reducing shedding. But you have to be patient. It can take up to 6 months.

Thank you again for using the Manoir Kanisha Pet Relocation services to relocate LAIKA from Montreal to Vancouver. Give her a big from all of us at Manoir Kanisha.

Nicole MacDuff


QUESTION: Rate for Shaving or Combing a Golden Retriever

From: Kijiji Reply (from Leon) [mailto:post@kijiji.ca]
Sent: May-23-13 8:48 PM
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com
Subject: Reply to your “Grooming DOGS & CATS, Boarding Dogs & Cats at MANOIR KANISHA” Ad on Kijiji

From: Leon(leonc….1@………….)
Hello,   I was wondering how much you would charge for a Golden Retriever? Shave & Wash, please let me know thank you.


From: Nicole MacDuff
Sent: May-23-13 10:49 PM
To: leonc………@……..
Subject: Reply to your “Grooming DOGS” Ad on Kijiji /  Shaving a Golden Retriever

Dear Mr. Leon,

Thank you for your request.

In May 2013, our rate for shaving and doing a complete grooming for an adult Golden Retriever is $85 plus taxes. It will also include the cleaning of the ears, expressing  the anal glands and cutting and filing the nails.

Alternatively, instead of shaving, we also could comb the coat thoroughly to get rid of all the loose hair, do a light trim and keep it’s beautiful natural Golden Retriever look.  If the dog’s coat is not too matted, it would be the same price.

I include a picture I took of a Golden Retrievers we have groomed, keeping the coat’s natural look. I also include the picture of an older golden retriever we always shave because the owners are allergic to its hair.  Remember that when we shave a Golden Retriever, the coat loses its golden color.

Please call us at to make your grooming appointment.

Best regards,

Nicole MacDuff,  President, Manoir Kanisha


QUESTION:  Grooming the WESTIE (West Island White Terrier):

From: J. Thauvette [mailto:thauv…]
Sent: January-29-13 10:56 AM
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com
Subject: Grooming Westies


I would like to know if at Manoir Kanisha offers stripping of the Westie coat.

I am interested in purchasing a Westie and I want to have the proper stripping done. Where I live, there are no groomer who offer the stripping of the westie coat. I understand that once the coat has been shaved, it will never grown back to it’s original state.

My sister always use the Manoir Kanisha to board and groom her dog. She is very satisfied with your services.

Thank you for answering,

J. Thouvette


Good afternoon Mrs. Thauvette,

If you wish to only  use the stripping technique on your future Westie, I suggest that you contact a good breeder. Many excellent Westie breeders will offer to do the stripping of your dog if you purchased your dog from them.

At Manoir Kanisha we combine two techniques. First we sculpt the shape of the Westie with the blade No # 3 “À la volée” and we complete with the stripping. This gives a pretty good result. I must admit that, if you want the proper Westie look you will need to “Roll the coat” which means to strip the Westie coat on a regular basis, not only when you go to the groomer. You could always buy your dog from a very good breeder and ask her to show you how to do the stripping technique.

Here is a video of a wetsie owner who does the stripping on her own dog:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTW3w9ilRnk

I would suggest that you purchase a « MARS Stripping Knife ». I like to use the knife No 328  for the Westie coat: Mars Stripping Knife – 328 Medium Slant Tooth
(GOOGLE Images)

Visit the following Westie Club’s websites. They give good grooming information:



I hope this was helpful,

Good luck,

Nicole MacDuff, Presidente, Manoir Kanisha


QUESTION: What does your boarding rate includes?

“For a Dog Run, I am interested in knowing what the 32$ a day gives my dog”

From: Nicole MacDuff [mailto:nicole@manoirkanisha.com]

Sent: January-04-14 11:13 AM
To: ‘en…@live.com”
Subject: APOLLO, Boston Terrier Boarding (March 12-16th)

Dear Mrs. B..,

Thank you for your excellent question. I am pleased to answer.

You wrote:  “I am interested in knowing what the 32$ a day gives my dog”


Our DOG RUN system includes a very large heated indoor enclosure of 6’ wide x 20’ long (not a small crate).

This is quite unusual and is only available at Manoir Kanisha. Most kennels offer a small indoor area with a door going into an outdoor run. Therefore, dogs go outside when the employee opens the sliding door. In these other kennels, in winter, when it is too cold, the dogs are limited to a very small area.

At Manoir Kanisha the dogs have a lot of space and love to run back in forth in their 20’ run, they have the full space available 24 hours a day. APOLLO will have a bucket of fresh water at all times, a “Kuranda” dog bed and a polar fleece blanket.

Each dog goes outside individually, into a large outdoor run daily. Depending on the temperature, they stay outside for shorter or longer periods. Obviously at minus 30 F. in a snow storm, they will not stay very long. But when the temperature is pleasant from May to November, they can stay outside for a few hours.

APOLLO will always be handled individually. He will never be placed in a mob of 40 dogs where fighting and accidents can happen. In a Dog Run, he will be able to see the other dogs in their adjacent runs, but will not be placed together with them, either indoors or outdoors.

Following your instructions, APOLLO can be fed once, twice or three times per day. Similarly, three times a day, we keep a close supervision on each animal. Would contact you if we see any abnormal symptoms. Each run is completely cleaned and disinfected every morning.

You can read more details and see many pictures on the Dog Boarding page on our website. Select the option Dog Run. Here is the link:


At your choice, you can also select individual activities such as walks, playtime sessions or just brushing his coat and TLC. Here is the link:


I hope this message answer your question.


Nicole, Nicole MacDuff, President, MANOIR KANISHA


QUESTION: How much does it cost for boarding a dog?

From: Jodi L. [mailto:jodil@……….]
Sent: September-25-13 10:39 AM
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com


Does your indoor/outdoor regular boarding fees of $32 per day for one dog include any walks or activities?  Does the price include tax?  If no activities are included can you direct me to the page with pricing?

Thanks, Jodi               Sent from my iPad


From: Nicole MacDuff [mailto:nicole@manoirkanisha.com]
Sent: September-25-13 11:02 AM
To: ‘jodil@videotron.ca’
Subject: Manoir Kanisha RATES for DOG BOARDING

Dear Mrs. Lobel,

Thank you for your request and interest in Manoir Kanisha.

The space provided to your dog, 24 hours/day, in it’s INDOOR DOG RUN, 2 is very large. The individual indoor portion for each dog,  is 6’ x 20’ and the OUTDOOR DOG RUN for each dog is very much the same. We place the dog outside one pet at the time. Therefore they are manipulated individually. When the weather is just as beautiful as today (in Montreal) the dogs will spend most of their day outside in their individual dog run.

Our fees do not include taxes. Just as for any other services your purchase in life, our Manoir Kanisha invoices will clearly detail the fee for each services and the appropriate Provincial and Federal taxes.

Look at the chapter on Dog Services and click on each sub-menu you will have all the rates and lots of pictures.

Click on each sub-menu and stroll down and go under the slide shows.

Here is the link:  https://manoirkanisha.com/en/dog-services/

The 11 sub-menus have their special explanations with pictures and all the related fees. Our Playtime activities are done one Animal Care Attendant devoting her time with the animals of one family. If you have only one dog, he/she will be playing with a staff member for a period of 30 minutes. He will never be placed in a group of 40 dogs and the associated risk of injuries.

I hope I was able to answer your questions and guide you. Please call us to make your booking at 514-631-1755.

If you have any difficulties with our website, send me your telephone number. I will call you and, while you sit in front of your computer, it will be my pleasure to guide you to the appropriate places to find more detailed information and piuctures.  Regards,

Nicole MacDuff, President, Manoir Kanisha


QUESTION:  When could I come to visit the Manoir Kanisha?

From: Nadia [mailto:Nadia….…………]
Sent: July-29-13 11:23 AM
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com
Subject: Question

Hi: I am interested in boarding my dog with you but was hoping I can come and visit the facility.

Would I be able to visit tomorrow at 8 am? Thanks, Nadia


From: Nicole MacDuff [mailto:nicole@manoirkanisha.com]
Sent: July-29-13 12:00 PM
To: (Nadia………..)
Subject: FW: Question about visit time at Manoir Kanisha

Madame Nadia,

Thanks for your message.

We offer our new clients a visit of 30 minutes of our facilities.

These visits are done in the afternoon starting at 14h00, 14h30, 15h00… until the supper time.

You should bring your dog so he can also visit his vacation environment.

At 8h00 and at 17h00, we feed all the animals boarded at Manoir Kanisha. We try to keep our environment as quiet as possible during the animal’s meal time.

This week we are in the middle of the construction holidays. Because we presently board a lot of animals, our employees are extremely busy caring for each animal. If your boarding needs are not immediate, it would be better if we could do your visit next week.

Could you let me know what dates you need you board your dog at Manoir Kanisha?




Why a charge to administer medication to my dog?

From: Heather…….. [mailto:heather …..@…..]
Sent: June-13-13 11:32 PM
To: Nicole MacDuff
Subject: Boarding of KAYMAK our Senior Labrador

Hi Nicole,

It sounds good. The only thing I did not realize is there would be a charge for the medication, since in my mind it is just part of the feeding (about 2 scoops of powder of the Renal Advanced) to help with the digestion of his food. I will check to see if I can just put it in myself beforehand and if it can be in the fridge or freezer…and will get back to you in the next few days. Thank you, Heather


From: Nicole MacDuff [mailto:nicole@manoirkanisha.com]
Sent: June-14-13 8:35 AM
To: heather………
Subject: Medication Administration System at Manoir Kanisha

Dear Mrs. Eli,

In a home, when you feed one dog, the adding of a medicated powder to food can be considered as a feeding procedure.

At Manoir Kanisha, we feed many animals, many times per day and many of them receive medication. Each animal that is given a medication (or product) must receive it at the correct time of the day, with the proper dosage, before, during or after the meal, given in cheese or any other manner… etc. This is why we will ask you the correct administration instructions and each administration will be recorded on the animal’s specific medication card.

When we take care of many animals, we do not want to make mistakes. It would be a real problem if we gave the medication to the wrong dog, or the wrong dosage to the correct dog, at the wrong time of the day or give it in a way that the animal does not eat it.

Our medication administration system insure that each animal received the correct medication, at the correct time of the day, with the correct dosage, before, during or after the meal, administered according to your instructions, with cheese, or in a pill pocket or any other way…… etc. This is one of the reasons why many of our clients select our caring environment for their senior dog.

If you would like to same this medication administration fee, you could place each meal with the powder in a separate Zip-Lock bag and to write clearly the name KAYMAK on a clear label. You must verify if the amount of the powder is the same for the different meal in each day and, if this is the case, write AM, NOON and PM (if you feed three times per day as it is the case with many senior dog).

May I suggest that you verify with your veterinarian (or the manufacturer of this powder) if this powder is modified when it comes in contact with food, then, it should only be mixt in the food just BEFORE each feeding.  Many products given for improving the digestive process should NOT be in contact with food before it is administered. Otherwise, it may start the digestive process ahead of time.

I hope this message will assist you to better understand our Manoir Kanisha medication administration system. Regards,


Nicole MacDuff, President, Manoir Kanisha


QUESTION: When boarding my dog,                                                                                  do I need to bring his Bowl? Bed? Toys? Treats?

From: N. Smith [mailto: Smith.xxxxxxxxxx…]
Sent: March-22-13 9:38 AM
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com
Subject: Boarding my dog


My dog will be boarding with you at Easter weekend (first time) and I would like to know what I need to bring other than his food. ?bowl ?blanket, ? toys treats?  My dog ‘s name is RORY,  a Lhasa Apso. Thanks,

N. Smith



From: Nicole MacDuff [mailto:nicole@manoirkanisha.com]
Sent: March-22-13 8:10 PM
To: Smith. XXXXXXXX.ca
Subject: Manoir Kanisha: RORY, Lhasa Apso, Easter Weekend Boarding

Dear Mrs. Smith,

All you need is the food and RORY’s medication (if she has any).

We provide everything else such as bed, blanket in polar fleece, bowl, toys during playtime, treats…

We use stainless steel bowls. Let us know if RORY prefers any other bowls auch as porcelaine, plastic…

Have a good evening,


Nicole MacDuff, Manoir Kanisha



Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2013 16:51:43 -0500
Subject: Daycare and boarding
From: persaero@XXXXXXX.com
To: nicole@manoirkanisha.com


I am the owner of a friendly doberman, 9 month old, named Ulises, he is not spayed, would you accept for daycare or boarding on this condition?
Thanks a lot for your attention, if your answered yes, we want to program a visit for the first opportunity that be possible.
J. Iglesias


From: nicole@manoirkanisha.com
To: persaero@XXXXXXXl.com
Subject: ULISES-Doberman, 9 months, not castrated: Daycare and boarding
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2013 10:43:14 -0500

Dear Mr. Iglesias,

Thank you for your message.

Yes we do accept dogs that are not castrated. Our Boarding and Daycare Services are provided in an individual manner. At Manoir Kanisha we never place animals from different family in the same room or yard. It is different from other facilities placing 40 to 50 dogs in the same area.

Before you make your reservation, visit our website at the Dog Services chapter. You will find all our options, rates for each option and policies:


Call us at 514-631-1755 to schedule a visit with your dog.

Nicole MacDuff, Manoir Kanisha


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