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OUR TEAM of employees is experienced, competent and devoted

Housed as they are in a clean, comfortable and secure building, each animal’s needs are individually addressed.  Madame MacDuff, a rare lady in this type of enterprise, worked alone for several years or with only occasional assistance.  In 2015, depending on the season, the Manoir Kanisha employed between 15 and 20 staff members. To see each team member, please go to RESSOURCES/Our Team.

The quality of the boarding services offered by Manoir Kanisha allows you to leave your precious pets without anxiety or a feeling of guilt.  Our clients in the Montreal region bring us their furry, feathered and scaly friends in the knowledge that they will receive the best care from our skilled and devoted team.  Someone is living on the Manoir Kanisha site 24 hours a day. An excellent veterinary hospital, The DMV Vet Center,  is located close by and is open at all times 24/7/365:   http://www.centredmv.com/contact.aspx).

Morning staff meeting: Every morning, a daily staff meeting ensures the continuity of the previous day’s activities, the distribution of the various tasks, a revision of the animals arriving or leaving during the day, the collaboration of our experienced staff and the training of our newest employees. At Manoir Kanisha, our staff work in small teams of two or three employees.



 1990 – 2017

Twenty-seven years of excellent Pet Care Services 





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Manoir Kanisha

175 avenue Jenkins, Montreal (Dorval),
(Quebec) Canada H9P 2W6

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Tel. : 514 631-1755

Fax : 514 636-1203
Email : kanisha@sympatico.ca

Working hours

08h00 to 12h30 and
13h30 to 18h15
7 days a week
  • Closed to the public on certain holidays
  • To consult our holiday hours, please see « Holiday Schedule».


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