04. FAQ on Pick-up and/or Delivery

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Nicole MacDuff


QUESTION: How much does it cost to pickup and deliver my two dogs from my residence. I live on the south shore of Montreal.


The cost will depend on the distance we have to travel and the size of your dog. We charge a fee per kilometer. When we must use one of our minivan the per kilometer is slightly higher than if we can use our car. If you have a Great Dane and a German Shepherd, we must use two very large crates and use one of our mini van. Depending on the size of your dogs we will bring our own comfortable travel crate. For their safety, your dogs will be transported in a secure travel crate and not left loose in our vehicle.

Using Mapquest, we will calculate the number of kilometers from our Manoir Kanisha postal code (H9P 2W6) to your postal code and multiply this distance by 2. If your home is located at 60 kilometers away from Manoir Kanisha, we will charge the fee for 60km x 2 = 120 km for each trip. The pickup is consider one trip and the delivery is consider another trip. This is the cost for the first pet crate. We will add a small amount of $15/additional crate.  If you have a small dog, we will bring a small crate and we will be able a more economical vehicle. In this case the cost per km will be a little less.

To reduce the time on the road we prefer to transport pets outside of peak traffic period. We have a charge of $25/trip for a location which request that we cross a bridge. As we all know, crossing a bridge mean more time on the road. For the comfort or your best friends, all our vehicles are temperature controlled.


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