12. Documentation, Veterinary Visits, CFIA

EXPORT Documentation for your Pet:

Most countries have specific pet importation requirements. Some destinations require an Import Licence or Import Permit, blood tests, specific vaccination dates, timed veterinary inspection, transit permits, consulate approval of the documents prior to departure, etc. As specialists in this matter, we can provide all these documents.

IMPORT Documentation for your Pet:

Canada is one of the easiest countries to enter with your pets. But there are some specific points to consider. Border Services (Customs) are as interested in the owner as they are in the pet. We can assist you to facilitate the importation and customs clearance. If you use our services to clear Customs, we will send you a form to complete and sign.  This will be your verification of the origin and value of your pet, the purpose for its’ relocation, and details of your own passport and destination address in Canada.

Any puppy under 8 months of age requires an Import Permit and a microchip.  This is not required for cats. If the owner’s plan is a temporary stay ( holiday…),  a diplomatic move, or bringing back a returning Canadian pet, then duties may be waived.  If there is any suggestion of a ‘commercial’ use for the pet (such as breeding, showing, sale, etc.) there will be duty charged.

Canada does not require a microchip (though this is always advisable to have one), nor any waiting time after the latest rabies vaccination.  For international importation we will require that you provide us with a procuration letter so that we can, on your behalf, clear customs at Montreal International Airport and legally enter your best friends into Canada.

If your best friend is a returning Canadian citizen, the procedures are different. You must be able to prove that your pet was previously in Canada.  If your pet was purchased outside of Canada, you may need an import permit. We can send you all the require information to facilitate your pet’s entry into Canada. Just send us the answers to our questionnaire:

Pet Relocation Questionnaire


Veterinary visits

Veterinary visits are necessary for the Fit-to-Fly certificate (for the airline), requested vaccinations, special treatments and import documentation required by the destination country .

For every international pet relocation, the animal must visit a veterinary surgeon competent in handling the species concerned. During this visit the vet carries out the examinations and treatments required by the destination country, by any transit countries and by the airline selected.

The Manoir Kanisha pet relocation specialist will guide the vet to ensure that all the requirements are met, that the treatments are carried out on the appropriate dates, and that all export documentation is correctly completed.

Canadian Agriculture Inspection (CFIA) on your pet’s arrival at Montreal Airport

Veterinary documentation must be adequate to demonstrate that your animal imported to Canada, meets all the requirements of the Canadian Agriculture Agency (CFIA: Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

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We are keen to assist anyone wishing to export a pet, but with the number of animals presently in preparation and in transit, we must have at least 14 days warning prior to any export to prepare the necessary documentation and book the flights.



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