Position 2: Customer service REPRESENTATIVE

SCHEDULE: 4 days/week x 10 hours/day (5 hrs am + 5 hrs pm) = 40 hours/week

Two (2) days on, one (1) day off, two (2) days on, two (2) days off.


PROCEDURES FOR APPLICATION to a position at Manoir Kanisha:

Read the job description below (at the bottom of this page).

If you believe you are qualified for the position, please fill out our EMPLOYMENT Questionnaire (below) and make sure to include these 3 documents:

1.  A letter of introduction explaining your situation, your desire to work at Manoir Kanisha and why you should be considered a serious candidate.

2. A detailed C.V.  that includes:

  • Contact Information: full mailing address, phone number, cell, email address;
  • Education, diplomas received and various training (month/year);
  • Professional skills (example: on computer and others);
  • Previous employment (start and end, month/year) and specific references;
  • Degrees received indicating institution and date of graduation;
  • Specific experiences and activities with pets;
  • Other interests and sports practiced regularly;

3. We also ask that you submit Signed Reference Letters. Make sure to indicate the professional relationship that existed with each referee, their company name, website, email address and phone numbers. Thanks !

IMPORTANT… … During this coronavirus pandemic, employees must follow PUBLIC HEALTH guidelines: mask if less than 2 meters, social distancing and, outside of working hours, avoid taking risks that could contaminate our environment with COVID-19. He must also answer and sign a daily questionnaire upon arrival at work.


Before answering our questionnaire, please read
the Job Description at the bottom of this page.


1 Step 1

EMPLOYMENT Questionnaire

If you would like to work with us, please fill out this questionnaire.
We are always looking for people who like to work with animals and
who are good with interacting with members of the public.

To complete the Questionnaire, type in your First Name and navigate through the boxes with the "tab" key.
At the end, click on SEND THE QUESTIONNAIRE.
Information provided is confidential and will not be shared.
The information helps Manoir Kanisha determine if you can work with their team.

Please answer all questions
1. Do you want a permanent full-time job either 30 hours (3 days x 10 hrs/day) or 40 hours/week (4 days x 10 hrs/day)?
2. Are you a student looking for a part-time job (1 day/week during the school year and a full-time job (3 or 4 days/week) from May to September and during school holidays or Christmas?
3. Are you looking for a part-time job either one or two days a week?
4. Would you be able to work with our schedule: 10 hours a day, from 7:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. with two 15-minute breaks?
5. Do you mind working every Saturday or every Sunday?
6. Do you have any objection to working on HOLIDAYS and during all SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Christmas period, spring break week, summer holidays and long weekends?

NOTE: Annual vacation. Our peak periods coincide with school holidays.
All of our employees work during our peak periods. Annual holidays are taken in winter, spring or autumn.

8. Are you fluent in French and English? *
9. What is your mother tongue?
10. Do you like working in small teams of 2 or 3 people?
11. Do you own a car?

NOTE: We prefer candidates who have a car and who live near Dorval.
Our past experiences show that candidates living away from work do not stay with us for long.

13. Do you confirm that you are free of animal allergies?
14. Do you confirm that you are free of field plant allergies?
15. Do you confirm that you are in good physical health?

NOTE: The reliability of competent employees ensures the quality of animal care.
Candidates who are often ill cannot offer this daily care.

16. Do you confirm that you have very good mental health?

NOTE: Working with pets requires good mental health.
Candidates with this kind of difficulty cannot offer the necessary stability to the animals placed under our care.

17. Can you confirm that you are in very good physical shape?

NOTE: Working with animals at Manoir Kanisha is very physical, carried out in large spaces (buildings of 45,000 square feet, built on 3 floors).
You have to be in very good physical shape!

20. Do you have written proof of having received the Tetanus vaccine?
22. Candidates wishing to apply to Manoir Kanisha must show their QR CODE, demonstrating that they have received the necessary vaccinations (2 or more vaccines). Do you have your QR-CODE?
23. If your application was accepted, would you agree to come and do a day of observation without remuneration?
24. Do you confirm that you have graduated from an animal care course?
25. If your answer to the previous question is positive, could you confirm the type of course received?
27. Do you currently own a pet?
29. Do you have experience of full-time, paid work in the field of domestic animals?
30. If you answered yes to the previous question, could you specify where you worked?
Documents to send to us

You can gather and send your documents (Cover letter, CV, References) in 1 PDF document. To do so, you can use Adobe Pro or the free PDF tools at https: //www.ilovepdf.com/ to convert and merge documents.

We thank you for filling out this questionnaire. Please click on SEND THE QUESTIONNAIRE. We will receive your questionnaire and will be in touch with you if your qualifications meet our current needs. Manoir Kanisha



 Customer Service Representative

Full time. 4 days / week.


  • Serve our internal and external customers, on the phone and in person, in French and in English;
  • Describe our services and our environment with competence, enthusiasm, respect and courtesy;
  • Correctly complete our forms: pension, diet, vaccination, games, medication, grooming, credit cards, international relocation of animals, etc.),
  • Prepare and organize current and future activities;
  • Correctly write animal welfare instructions and properly guide animal handlers;
  • Follow our procedures for the arrival and departure of each animal;
  • Offer our discounts and packages. Perform the appropriate manual invoicing;
  • Prepare the schedule of daily activities for the next day, enter entries and departures in our specialized software;
  • Ensure the relationship between the client and our other divisions (boarding animal care, grooming, local transportation, int’l relocation, etc.);
  • Organize and keep our reception room clean at all times;
  • Comply with all Manoir Kanisha policies.



Schedule of 40 hours per week (4 days) of 10 hours/day (5 am + 5 pm): 7:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. (lunch: 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.). A 4-day week represents alternately, two (2) work days, one (1) day off, two (2) work days and two (2) days off (always including Saturday OR Sunday). If, during peak periods, a 5th day is required, the employee is paid at time and a half. Our employees have a set schedule that rarely changes from week to week, or month to month. The training period for the first few months may have a different schedule than the long-term schedule.


    1. MATURE PERSON, AUTONOMOUS, FLEXIBLE (tasks, schedules) and able to perform various tasks simultaneously (multitasking);
    2. BE PERFECTLY BILINGUAL oral and written (French-English-French without hesitation);
    3. LOVE and desire to learn about canine and feline breeds and OTHER pets;
    4. Not have allergies to animals or field plants;
    5. Have EXPERIENCE in WORKING WITH THE PUBLIC for at least 5 years full-time and paid;
    6. BE IN GOOD PHYSICAL HEALTH and in good PHYSICAL FITNESS (10-hour days);
    7. Have GOOD MENTAL HEALTH. Clients are sometimes emotional when separated from their animal, so a lot of PATIENCE, COMPASSION and EMOTIONAL STABILITY are required;
    8. Present proof of valid TETANUS VACCINE (see explanation below);
    9. HAVING COMPLETED high school and providing a diploma (D.E.S.) is the minimum required;
    10. Possess a D.E.C. or a university degree is an advantage to facilitate the learning of the tasks;
    11. ENJOY WORKING IN A SMALL TEAM (2 to 3 people), have natural aptitudes for mutual aid and interpersonal cooperation;
    12. Be PUNCTUAL (start of work at 07:15 am, it is preferable to arrive before, around 7:00 am) and RELIABLE (avoid absences);
    13. OWNING A CAR is necessary to travel to our place of work, which is located on the grounds of the Montreal Airport, in Dorval. We are located on the north side of Côte de Liesse, far from public transport. A 20 to 25 minute walk is required between the bus stop and our pension center. This walk is exhausting especially in winter. The employee without a car would arrive at work exhausted;
    14. Demonstrate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE and be recognized as an ENTHUSIASTIC person with the public, co-workers and management;
    15. Possess excellent organizational skills and abilities for office work;
    16. Have experience with computers: EMAIL, Microsoftf office (WORD, EXCEL), Social Media, (we enter client and animal information into specific KENNEL SUITE software);
    17. Own pets (dogs, cats, etc.) now or previously.


Income includes two components:

a) Hourly Wage: Depending on the prior experience and capabilities of the employee, the training period will take approximately 8-12 weeks. Starting salary will depend on previous experience (between $15/hour and $17/hour). Following the training period, the hourly income during the first year (salary plus commissions), should be between $18 and $24 and +/hour. This level will depend on the candidate’s ability to generate sales of our services.

b) Commissions: Commissions are paid on the sale of certain services and products to our customers. The candidate will receive a TRAINING during which he will have to demonstrate a great desire to work with the public in love with their animals, the ability to learn our services and activities, an excellent work ethic, great punctuality, great reliability (avoid absences or delays), ability to master the procedures in force in our company and ease of integrating into our team of employees.

Following the training period of approximately 8 to 12 weeks, the hourly wage will be reconsidered according to the candidate’s performance in performing his tasks correctly and his efficiency in increasing the sale of our products and services.


We would like to receive written references from previous employers: company name and address, name of referee, telephone number and email address. Indicate the professional relationship that existed with each referent.

*What is tetanus?

Tetanus is a bacterial disease that can be caught not only by stepping on a rusty nail, as is popularly believed, but also by contact with soil, dust, mud and excrement (faeces) of animals and of humans, or by an animal bite. If the bacteria causing the disease comes into contact with an open wound, it can be fatal. Tetanus attacks the muscles to reach the nerves and affect the entire nervous system, which can be extremely painful. The first muscles usually affected are those of the jaws, which become stiff and “lock”. It is for this reason that tetanus is also called “lockjaw” in English. Prevention and control of tetanus: Tetanus can be prevented by vaccination. Teenagers and adults should be given a booster dose every 10 years.



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