7. Activities for Other Pets

ACTIVITIES: Playtime sessions, walks, pool time,  TLC for “Other Pets”:

Birds, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs,

         gecko, ferrets, chinchillas, turtles, etc

Various activities are available to suit the particular needs of your best friend. Depending on the temperature, the weather or the season, we can provide these activities indoors or outdoors.

Our activities are always performed individually, with one pet at a time. We never put your animal in a group of other pets. If, however, you possess two or three animals living together at home, they can benefit from playing together with our employee.

If your animal is young and playful, we offer various activities indoor or outdoor. If your special pet is older or suffers from arthritis (oh yes – he can too!) we offer lots of TLC periods with human company, combing, brushing, caresses, and a few treats, as you do so well yourself at home.

For a fee of $26/30 minutes, you can choose any of the above or any combination. Several clients take one, two or even three activities per day. Other clients schedule one activity every two to three days.


If you select 8 to 27 activities (inclusively) during the same boarding period, you will receive a rebate of -10% on all these activities.

If you select 28 to 56 activities in the same boarding period, you will receive a rebate of -20% on all these activities.


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