3. Special Care and Medication for your Cat

To replace you in caring for your cat, if necessary, we must be able to provide the same medical treatments that you do at home. Following your instructions, we can give ear drops, eye ointment, heart pills, brush teeth, hydrotherapy for a wound, change of bandages, sub-cutaneous insulin injections for diabetic cats, urinary expression, etc.

Our management system for medications, which requires a signature on a medication card for each intervention or treatment, ensures that the medication is given using the exact dosage and at the correct times recommended by you or your vet.

A fee of $10 is charged for each type of treatment or procedure.

For example, if we give one insulin injection twice a day, you will be charged two times $10 each day. If a cat must receive 3 pills of the same medication at the same time each morning, you will be charged $10 for the administration of these three pills. Similarly, if we have to administer ear drops in both ears, the cost for this procedure would total $10 to treat both ears.

On the other hand, for the same animal, if we must give an insulin injection as well as do a hydrotherapy treatment, an amount of  $10 will be charged for each procedure.

In general, we can replace you to execute the same procedures that you would perform yourself at home. Please confirm the type of medication, injection, or other procedure required for your cat. For example, we do not offer intravenous injections.

We recommend that you bring more than the expected dosages to be used. In case your return date is delayed for any reason, we can continue treatments without interruption. We will return any unused medication to you when you pick up your cat.

Equally, please advise us on the best way to administer the medications or do a treatment, and when to give it in relation to his meal (before, during, or after the meal). For example, putting a pill in a piece of cheese, in a little sausage, in some peanut butter or in a “Pill Pocket” can facilitate its administration. Whatever happens, the administration will be done, but your recommendations will be much appreciated.


We offer discounts for multiple medication administrations for animals in the same family, applicable during the same boarding period.


01 to 14 administrations………………………….DISCOUNT of -00%
15 to 28 administrations………………………….DISCOUNT of -10%
29 to 56 administrations………………………….DISCOUNT of -15%

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