ABU & MOMO, two Sulcata Tortoises: We contacted Manoir Kanisha for their assistance in this monumental adventure!

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Sent: September-15-2013  11:19 AM

To:Nicole MacDuff, Manoir Kanisha

Subject: The story of ABU & MOMO, our two Sulcata Tortoises

Hi Nicole,

Here is the story of our tortoises ABU & MOMO: We adopted ABU & MOMO, two male sulcata tortoises, in January 2013.  We had a plan to give them a better life than what they had in their small terrarium. Within 5 months, they had more than doubled in size. Adult males can reach 100kg so… we needed to make decision and work quickly!

sulcata-tortoise-relocation-relocalisation-tortue-sulcata-abu-momo-manoir-kanisha-66First we found a tortoise paradise in the south of France. Its owner, Vincent Morcillo, keeps 600 turtles in his beautiful garden. The garden is subdivided into biotopes adapted to each species of which there are approximately 15. It took us several months to gather the endless paperwork and medical work up we needed for the relocation.

We contacted Manoir Kanisha for their assistance in this monumental adventure. Tim Harris fine-tuned our file, built made-to-measure, safe travel containers and insured a smooth trip for our not-so-little guys.  We were thrilled to find them in perfect condition at the cargo section of the Nice airport.

After a 3 hour drive,  ABU & MOMO reached their final destination. Within minutes, they began to explore their spacious and lush garden. They met their new neighbours ( 3 other adult sulcatas, two radiated tortoises),  found a variety of fruits and vegetables to eat, and took in the warm sun. Seeing them in such a paradise made it all worthwhile.  Thank you,

J. Hébert, DMV, Dipl ABVP (aviaire) ABU & MOMO



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