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Champion GINNY… a real survivor!

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According to her present owner Mrs. Judy P., GINNY, now 14 years old, was born in Peterborough, Ontario on Dec. 14, 1998. GINNY-Haed-12-nov-2012-51

She was co-owned at birth by Louis Goyer and Ron Peet. Her CKC registered name is “Vanlousvir’s Sloe Gin Fizz”, a fancy cocktail drink. She lived part of her life as akennel dog in Ontario and spent some time with Louis in Chateauguay, south of Montreal. When she was 2 and 1/2 years old, she was bred to Eco-Lan’s Percussion” (Drummer) and I adopted one of her sons named KING. She only had one more litter after that.


GINNY readily achieved her Canadian championship. Even at 14 years old, she demonstrates her beautiful gait. When she was seven years old, she developed an infected uterus. Ron and Jenn had her spayed to save her life. In June 2006, she came to live with me in Montreal and her son KING. She was a kennel dog when I got her and she had never lived in a house. She learned to go up and down stairs, at 7 years of age.

In spring 2011 she was diagnosed with colon cancer and was bleeding out. Without medical intervention she would have been dead in a few days. The first treatment was an injection of an enzyme called aspergillis. This shrunk the tumour in half and the bleeding stopped in just a few days.


After much convincing that she would not have the same side effects as humans on chemotherapy, she got 5 chemotherapy treatments, once a month. She never showed any discomfort or bad side effects. The cancer went into remission and has stayed in remission.

In the spring of 2012 she had some bad episodes of upset stomach and breathing problems. At the beginning of June 2012 the vet in Montreal thought she just had weeks left. With the bad respiratory event at the end of July at the cottage, the vet in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, thought I would be lucky if she lasted until Thanksgiving.


In October 2012 she was boarded at Manoir Kanisha for 42 days and came back home in very good condition.

Here she is on December 26, 2012 doing very well. She is spending more time at Manoir Kanisha during the Christmas holiday.

Ginny is just amazing. A real survivor!

BAXTER… everybody’s friend.

Born on July 14th 1998, Baxter is now more then 14 years old. He is a Golden Retreiver who has been frequently boarded  (many times per months) at Manoir Kanisha since his youth.


Baxter will do anything to earn a cookie…


Baxter loves to be cuddled…

His owner, allergic to dog hair, requests that we shave Baxter once a month.


At Manoir Kanisha, Baxter receives 5 short walks per day. He loves to go outside.


Sometimes, during his walks, Baxter will want a short break to catch his breath…


Finaly it is the time to sleep!  BAXTER has the most wonderful temperament and becomes a friend with every human he meets. He really is… everybody’s friend.

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