Our Pet Relocation Team

Tim… Manager of the International Pet Relocation program, construction of our custom-made travel crates and responsable for our computer systems.


“I studied Agriculture at Edinburgh University, Scotland, and have spent a lifetime specializing in livestock, both in breeding and international relocations.  I have accompanied over 50,000 animals of many different species to all parts of the world, in particular establishing livestock  breeding programs all over France and Southeast Asia.  Whereas I used to transport 400 farm animals at one time, for only one customer, I now transport 400 pets yearly, on 400 different relocation projects, for 800 pet owners. This is quite a challenge because, in addition to the complex relocation logistic, I also manage the emotions and anxiety of the owners who are always so worried about their Best Friend’s condition while travelling to the other end of the world.  And I thought I was coming to Canada to retire!  Yes, I am re-tired.  I was tired yesterday and I am tired again today.” Tim.


Iulia… Pet Relocation & Road Transport, Care for your Dogs, cats & Other Pets


“Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve brought animals into my home. As time went by, my parents’ protests lessened, and they learned to accept that my love for animals is a part of who I am. It didn’t take long after I began my career in 3D Modeling & Animation for me to realize that something was missing. Even though we got to bring our pets at the office every once in a while, for me it simply wasn’t enough. I took a leap of faith and began my path alongside the animals. Although I didn’t have much official experience in the field, Nicole took a leap of faith of her own and hired me to be a part of the Pet Relocation team. I feel truly blessed for the work I get to do every day and for the wonderful team I get to work with. Not a day went by where I regretted my decision to follow my heart. “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!”Iulia


Nicole… President, Founder and General Manager


“From my earliest memories, my father thought me how to love and understand all animals, from worms to spiders, fishes to birds, chickens to horses, cats to dogs… I was still unable to walk when our beautiful collie PRINCESS had her first litter. I spent all my awakened hours close to the puppies and their mother and I was so fascinated. During my primary and high school years I shared my life between competitive sports (figure skating and artistic gymnastics), my animals and my studies. I decided to do my B.Sc. in Physical Education (Université de Montréal) and my M.Sc. in Biomechanics (Penn State University). Between 1960 and 1985, my life was closely linked to the Physical Education at the Université de Montréal, at first as a student but most of these years as a professor. In 1970, I started to coach the Montreal University Women’s Gymnastic Team. In 1972 I founded the Montreal GYMNIX Club, who is still today one of the best clubs in Canada. But, I never lost my passion for animals. During the last 45 years (1970-2015), I bred and raised conformation German Shepherds Dogs and competed under the prefix TESSALTO. After completing my Ph.D. studies in Business Administration at McGill University, I decided to devote all my leisure time to breeding and boarding animals. In 1990, this pastime became a small business called The DORVAL CANINE CENTER inc. In 1996, we started to board cats and the name was modified to MANOIR KANISHA inc. This year, in 2015, we celebrate our 25th anniversary. We now hire 18 persons. In our large buildings of more than 45,000 square foot, we offer boarding, grooming, pet photography, international pet relocation and many other services for all types of pets. And the adventure continues…” Nicole


Our Pet Relocation Team meetings:

Because of the complexity and constant changes of each county requirements, the member of our relocation team (Tim Harris, Iulia Giorgescu and Nicole MacDuff) have regular meetings to insure the best relocation services to our human and animal clients.


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