International relocation of other pets




Are you moving ?

Would you like to import your “special pet” to a new country?

Whether you need to relocate to Shanghai, Moscow, Sydney or anywhere else, use our services.

As very experienced IPATA members, we specialize in the most difficult destinations.

There is more to relocating a “special pet” than you can imagine. International regulations may affect many procedures such as the veterinary preparation, the flight kennel requirements, endangered species protection, animal welfare, aircraft restrictions, weather conditions, flight planning, carriers, transits cities, as well as the travel requirements of your specific pet.

Here is a femamle ferret that we relocated to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, in early July 2013:

We can assist you to properly prepare your “special pet” so he will meet the airline regulations and all the import requirements of your destination country.

Some “special pets” may require CITES permits (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). For any pets, besides domestic dogs and cats, we need to know the specific latin name of it’s breed, in order to advise you correctly. If a CITES Permit is required only you (the owner), can make the necessary applications.

For more information, see our detailled section on International Pet Relocation.

To receive a free estimate, complete our PET RELOCATION QUESTIONNAIRE.


This travel crate was specifically built for the relocation of a tropical turtle. It has an isolated and recessed base so that this pet does not sit directly on the cold aircraft pallet. 


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