ASHIMA arrived in Dublin, everything went very smoothly: I heartily recommend Manoir Kanisha for their knowledge, professionalism, and care.

From: Carole Z. [mailto:carolez………@…….com]

Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 5:06 AM

To: Tim Harris

Subject: ASHIMA arrived safely in Dublin, Ireland!

 Hi Tim,

 Just wanted to send you a quick email about ASHIMA. She arrived safe and sound yesterday, and everything went very smoothly for the entire trip. The staff at the gate confirmed she was on the plane with us, and luckily the flight was not too bumpy. Once at the airport, I walked over to the Cargo building where the vet from EFL (Ireland Agriculture Vet. Dept.) was waiting, along with an official from the Agriculture department who came to check if the papers were all good – and so they were. She was released to us within a few minutes.

 ASHIMA looked well and was delighted to see us. I noticed the crate was so very well prepared, everything from the water bucket and the absorbent paper to the food you included for her (thank you!) and her leash – including all the paperwork, of course.

Thank you for the wonderful work you did – including reassuring us from day one!

I’ll send along a picture of her as soon as I get hold of a camera. So far, she’s very curious about her new environment and sniffing every flower and blade of grass she comes upon! She’s even met her first Irish dog.

 Can’t thank you enough for the excellent work. I heartily recommend Manoir Kanisha for their knowledge, professionalism, and care.

All best,

Carole Z.

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