BIRD RELOCATION by AIR is always very difficult. These two lovebirds arrived in Europe in good condition.

BIRD RELOCATION by AIR is always very difficult. These two birds arrived in Europe in good condition.

SAFFRON (five years old) and JUNIOR (one year old), two colorful LOVEBIRDS, needed to travel from Montreal to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.

BIRD RELOCATION by AIR is always very difficult

Over the last 26 years at Manoir Kanisha, we have relocated many different species of pets. From the most usual pets like dogs and cats, we have also shipped pet snakes, fishes, rabbits, geckos, aquatic turtles, land turtles, guinea pigs, furets, chinchillas… etc. but, the most difficult species to relocate by air have always been birds.  For many reasons many airlines refuses to transport birds.

When you think about it, this is quite funny. Wild birds easily fly from one country to another. They don’t have to respect geographical bounderies, import requirements, airlines rules, IATA/Live Animal Regulations Manual, etc. The moment we want to ship a pet bird by plane, from one country to another, in a specially designed container, we face incredible difficulties, rules, regulations etc. Most of the times we just cannot do it.

Most of the time the travelling pet bird must do a quarantine period of 30 days before departure from Canada. The quarantine area must be visited, examined, analysed and approved by the official veterinarian of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

To learn more about the many difficulties of BIRD RELOCATION, see the following link:


Tim Harris, the Manager of our Pet Relocation Division at Manoir Kanisha, succeeded to ship SAFFRON & JUNIOR, but he had to meet many bureaucratic challenges and jump through many hoops. The owners were so happy to finally received the birds in very good condition. Here is their comment:

From: Akvilė L. [mailto:………………….]
Sent: July-04-16 10:49 AM
To: Tim Harris
Subject: SAFFRON & JUNIOR arrived safe and sound at home.

Hello Tim,

The birds are safe and sound at home, enjoying their new cage.

After spending a weekend in Germany – as if the flight was not enough, we dragged them along for a family visit ! 🙂

Thank you for your care!

Akvile, Pasha, SAFFRON & JUNIOR




BIRD RELOCATION by AIR is always very difficult








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