Cat owner with a good sense of humor

Cat owner with a good sense of humor


Most pet owners are very nervous when they have to relocate their beloved animal. They cannot relax while their animal is on the flight or during any parts of the relocation process. We spend most of our days managing pet owners’ emotional reactions while their animal is preparing for flight or traveling. It is very unusual to meet a Cat owner with a good sense of humor during such stressful times.

Sometimes, we are lucky to meet a pet owner with a good sense of humor. It facilitates our work as International Pet Relocators. Of course, it helps that Tim Harris, the Manager of our Pet Relocation Division, is British and has a very good English sense of humor.

This week we relocated a lovely grey cat name BUTTON. He was first traveling from Montreal to Gatwick and then to Sheffield, England. To facilitate his Import procedures and English Customs clearing upon his arrival, we requested the assistance of ANIMAL AIRCARE CO, one of our IPATA colleagues in Gatwick/UK.

You should enjoy reading the following post I called “Cat owner with a good sense of humor” which resumé a few E-mail exchanged between Tim Harris and BUTTON’s owners.

I organized these messages in order of arrival, so you can start reading from the top:


On 3 Sep 2016, at 22:51, Tim Harris <> wrote:



Your lovely BUTTON is now all checked in as planned at the Montreal International Airport Cargo area.

He is now waiting for his flight to depart from Montreal to Gatwick, UK.

BUTTON looks rather good in his leather helmet and flying goggles.

There is another grey cat on the same flight, but the kennels are very well marked to distinguish!

Herewith the Waybill in the attachment.

We all look forward to your news of his safe arrival.

Enjoy my country.

Tim Harris  SDA

Pet Relocations Manager

Manoir Kanisha



On Sep 3, 2016, at 10:56 PM, Meredith W.  … wrote:

Thanks, Tim!

BUTTON would look dashing in flight gear.

Hope everything goes smoothly during his trip.

We’ll send you a picture when we get him home.


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From: Michael S.

Sent: September-04-16 4:56 PM
To: Meredith W.
Cc: Tim Harris, Manoir Kanisha
Subject: BUTTON, arrived home safely and had a first traditional BRITISH meal

Well, Tim,

As you can see, Button is delighted to have arrived safe and sound in Sheffield.

He has just enjoyed his first traditional British Sunday roast, complete with Yorkshire puddings (see the pictures below).

Big thanks to you and the staff at Manoir Kanisha for making this process as smooth as possible.

The staff at Animal Aircare co. at Gatwick were terrific as well.

We are now celebrating our ‘family reunion’ with a bottle of Tesco’s finest Cava.


Michael Sallot

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Cat owner with a good sense of humor

From: Tim Harris []
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2016, 4:33 PM
To: Michael S.
Subject:   BUTTON, our cat Montreal-Gatwick/England


Jolly Good, thanks.

BUTTON is a discerning cat… demanding nothing but the best!

Tim Harris  SDA

Pet Relocations Manager

Manoir Kanisha, 175 Jenkins, Dorval (Montreal)  Quebec, Canada H9P 2W6


Cat owner with a good sense of humor



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