Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport

Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport

At MANOIR KANISHA, we often assist the Montreal International Airport Security Services, airlines and passengers during emergency situations involving pets.  Here is the story of a Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport:  PANDA a Pit Bull, was left alone in a travel crate, while her owner-passenger became ill and was rushed to the hospital.

This message was written by Iulia, one of our Pet Relocation specialist at MANOIR KANISHA: Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport

“I met this lady (Carmen M.) on Varage Sale who told me she worked at the Montreal International Airport. I told her about our work at MANOIR KANISHA. Well, I guess she remembered us because I got a private message from her last night!  She told me:

“We have a homeless passenger at the airport. She just arrived with her pit bull and unfortunately, this lady is sick and she is being rushed to the hospital. This is an emergency. What time is your drop off limit time to board a dog at MANOIR KANISHA?

By the time I answered her a few minutes later she replied with:

“It turns out the AIRPORT SECURITY stepped in. The dog has been sent to a boarding facility. Thank you so much for the information in case of future airport emergencies!”    

Of course, I was curious to know where the dog had been sent to. The next morning, I came in to work at MANOIR KANISHA and heard that the Manager of our Pet Relocation Division, Tim Harris, had picked up a dog last night from the airport at the WEST JET passenger area! The Pit Bull named PANDA was this homeless lady’s dog!  I immediately wrote back to Carmen to tell her the good news. She was so very grateful for the update.

That morning, Janet, one of our assistant managers, told me PANDA was nervous and she wasn’t eating. I went to visit her to see if I could make her feel a bit better. I put her food bowl on my lap and started petting her. She ate almost everything!

Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport

But then, she refused to do her business in her large dog run or even when she was walked on a leash. I decided to take her out to one of our large and secure grassy play area. She started smelling around and finally did her business. She looked so happy to run around freely. I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of her in this lovely sunny April day at 20° C weather.

Iulia, Pet Relocation Specialist at Manoir Kanisha


Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport

Dog emergency at Montreal International Airport















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