Extra-large wood crate construction for a last minute request… OUF!!!



A last minute request forces our Pet Relocation Team and workshop employees to work intensive hours to complete an extra large wooden crate for a very large Great Dane travelling from Montreal to Europe.

Making a tailored flight wood kennel for an extra large dog is not a speedy project.

In addition to all the activities we do in our Pet Relocation division, we normally require 10 days (including 2 week ends) to assemble all the material and complete such a project. A special request forced our team to make such a crate in less than one week. Thanks to the creativity and organisation of our employees the crate will be ready and delivered on time to allow the training of the dog in its travel room before boarding the flight.

To make such a crate for international travel, we must meet the precise requirements outlined in  the IATA Live Animal Regulations Manual.


First we must acquire the necessary wood and metal accessories for each tailored crate we buid. The inside measurements of the crate must be taller and longer than the dog’s dimensions. In its crate the dog must be able to stand, lie down and turn around easily. The crate must provide at least 16{9d9670e68ae325e7f2ee28b19b626ec83e56a1fb0eb745df8d3e803c0db082c3} ventilation all around so the animal has plenty of airflow during flight. The plywood must be at least 1/2 inch thick. The metal grid used to make the door and the windows must have a very strong welded mesh of a gauge #12 with 1 inch squares.

The bottom of the crate must be water proof and sealed so no urine can leak on the plane’s cargo floor area. The door must be closed in a very secure way but, in case of emergency, one must be able to open it without tools.



The crate we just completed measures 56″L x 32″W  x 44″H and weighs 127 pounds without the dog in it. It must be constructed very solidly to insure that the manipulation with the dog in it, presents no danger to the animal.



Congratulation to Tim and Olivier who succeeded to construct this crate on time and still continued to accomplish all the other tasks required of them at Manoir Kanisha.


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