I am so glad I decided to adopt my IROH in the country where Manoir Kanisha is located

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I am so glad I decided to adopt my first cat in the country where Manoir Kanisha is located. If it was not for their Pet Relocation Services, I would probably be crying right now as I would have had to leave behind my precious cat IROH.
Manoir Kanisha helped me with exporting my cat back home to New Caledonia (the hardest country to import animals into). Tim Harris, their Pet Relocation Manager, has had to handle the worst amount of paperwork. He has had to run everywhere to obtain import permits and permission to export my cat from Canada to first in New Zealand, where she will be in quarantine and then, from New Zealand to New Caledonia, where she will have to do another quarantine. Tim has been more than amazing and I owe him a lot.
Top that all up, to meet all the New Zealand and New Caledonia import requirements, my cat had to remain for a month in Canada before she could be exported. So, I left her in the care of Nicole and her wonderful team in a beautiful feline condo. My cat is everything to me and leaving her for a month was terrifying me, but as soon as I left her in the very clean, big condo with lots of large window light, I knew my cat would be in good hands. I talked to the staff taking care of the pets and they really care for animals which made me even more at ease. Nicole sends me news as soon as I ask her and sends me pictures of my best friend.
Consider going to Manoir Kanisha. You will be more than happy with all the services they offer. Their team is entirely dedicated to animals. You will leave happy and relieved to have left your precious pet in the hands of the competent people working there.  
                                                                                                            Alisée, September 1, 2015
Today, Debbie one of the the Manoir Kanisha groomers, gave my IROH her first LION’s Cut. She will be more at ease for her long journey from Montreal-New Zealand and from New Zealand-New Caledonia.
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