KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia


Every Pet Relocation project presents its special challenges. KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

Some destination countries have very difficult and long import requirements. Certain airlines refuse to accept some breeds of dog and cats and it makes the flight selection almost impossible. Sometimes, owners have to fly before their animal and must find a friend to care for their pet before he can meet the import requirements. Finally, other pet owners have a very limited budget to relocate their best friends from origin to destination. We have to find creative ways to reduce the expenses of the relocation process.

In the case of a Canadian dog importation to Australia, the relocation process takes six (6) months of veterinary activities before leaving from Canada. We also have to request the Australian Import Permit and reserve the Quarantine Station space many months ahead of time.

During the last 26 years, we have relocated pets from Manoir Kanisha to Australia on a regular basis. As a result, you would think that we have this process well understood and perfectly organized. Unfortunately, we live in a changing relocation world.

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

KARL flying high in our MANOIR KANISHA playground

This process has become more difficult because Australia has now only one quarantine station located in Melbourne and there are no direct flight from Canada to Melbourne.

Last year, the Australian Government decided to close their old Quarantine station in Sydney and build a brand new Quarantine Station in Melbourne. This presents more difficulties to select the proper flight routes. For many years, we relocated pets taking two flights: Montreal-Vancouver and Vancouver to Sydney.

Now, because there are no direct flights from Canada to Melbourne, for brachycephalic breeds we have a very limited number of airlines who will agree to transport these “pug nose” pets. We now have to get a flight from Montreal to Calgary, Calgary to Los Angeles and finally, Los Angeles to Melbourne. This means two transit points, one in Calgary (with a change of plane) and in Los Angeles (with a change of airline). Consequently, it means more time for the relocation process and a much more expensive project.

The relocation of KARL, a Boston Terrier,  from Montreal to Australia, simultaneously combined all the above  difficulties. As a Boston Terrier, KARL is a brachycephalic breed and it became a very long and complex relocation.

The owners had to travel to Brisbane, Australia many weeks before KARL. This meant that KARL had to be boarded before his departure date. To save on the total costs of this very expensive relocation, the owners asked a good human friend to take care of their best canine friend. Unfortunately, this family had another dog who constantly licked KARL and created many skin lesions. These lesions caused veterinary concerns and posed a threat to the scheduled travel date.

Finally, KARL was moved to Manoir Kanisha, treated by our veterinarian and luckily his skin lesions healed just in time for his departure for Australia. Hew loved his playtime sessions in our playground area:

5. Dog Activities

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

KARL with Alyssa in our play area

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

Karl waking with Janet

After his compulsory 10-days Australian Quarantine period, KARL had to be flown again out of Melbourne to meet its owners in Brisbane, located on the East coast of Australia.

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia. He finally arrived home yesterday. Here is the message received from his worried and happy owners:


From: Constantin & François-René
Sent: November-28-16 1:20 AM
To: Tim Harris, Manoir Kanisha
Subject:  KARL’s arrival home in Australia ?

Hi Tim,

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to AustraliaJust a quick email to let you know that KARL finally arrived safe and sound in Brisbane this afternoon.

We went to the airport to pick him up and he was so crazy happy to see us again ?

He looks great! He immediately found his way around his new house, before falling asleep pretty quickly.

Thanks a lot again for your help during this difficult and long relocation process!

We are so glad that he is now with us.

He is so joyful to get a bigger house and a large garden, which is new to him.

He now has lots of space to play around ?

We include a few pictures.

Thanks again!!!

Constantin and François-René

KARL, Boston Terrier, difficult relocation to Australia

KARL enjoying his new backyard in Brisbane, Australia


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