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We received 150 inspiring and unique photos:

124 dogs, 20 cats, 2 rodents, 2 reptiles, 1 bird, 1 pig, and 1 horse.

The THEME was to demonstrate in a photo the « PET QUALITY »

of an animal that lives in our home.

FIRST PLACE:  #14  –  MILLIE  –  Golden Retriever 

Clear winning photo with 11 points ahead of the second position.

“Our 2 years old MILLIE is definitely a light in our lives” Ashley Toulch

Jonathan writes: Beautiful and smiling Golden Retriever.

MIA writes: MILLIE looks like a great family dog.

Melanie writes: My smile is almost as big as Mille’s when I look at this photo. Great photo.

Nicole writes: This picture demonstrates so well what a PET DOG should be. A joy of life and a desire to share it with you. Her tongue is out. This indicates that she just finished a playtime session. She says « I am ready to play again. Let’s go. »

Peggy writes: Millie’s expression pulls me in like an invitation to join her. Such a beaming face.

SECOND  PLACE: # 108 – REUBEN  – Black & White French Bulldog

Just 7 points separated the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th finalists, it was very close ranking.

“Our 3.5-year-old Reuben, never fails to bring a smile to your face, you can’t help but laugh at his goofy personality” Tanner Phillips   

Jonathan writes :  Excellent picture. The contrast of colors brings out the charm of this lovely dog.

Nicole writes: Reuben is certainly well trained. This super active breed is not easy to lay down and stay. His closed mouth and nose up show the typical expression of this brachycephalic breed. The off focus of the green background makes me focus on his very precise facial expression.

Peggy writes : This photo draws me in to go and sit in the lovely grass and pet him.

THIRD PLACE:  # 85 – BEAR –  Black German Shepherd Dog

“5 years old, Bear loves to play fetch, is obsessed with his giant rock,

and loves his all 3 of his little humans.”   Olivia Huber

Nicole writes:  He is breathing hard with his tongue out. It is either very warm or he has just completed a rigorous exercise period. The angle of the camera (from the front)  captures his desire to protect his log. As if he could say  « This is MY log and I am not about to share it ». The green background contrasts nicely with his very black coat. His nails are long.

Peggy writes : One of my preferred pictures. He looks like he is asking to throw away this log for a fetch in that large vivid green countryside property.

4th place:  # 109 – MAVERICK – Alaskan Malamute

“Our 3-year-old Maverick is 140lbs of fluff and love. He’s a big dog with an even bigger heart.”

Krysten Novinger

Melanie writes: He looks like he can stay in that snow forever. Love that pink stripe on his nose!

Nicole writes: His white face forces us to concentrate on his very dark eyes.  The dark grey hair around his face creates a very unique effect in the white snowy background. A very big dog with such a gentle expression. A photo to be remembered.

Peggy writes: This picture is an excellent and classic shot of a Malamute in his snowy kingdom. A feeling of great comfort in the cold.

5th place:   # 110 – MOCHI – Shih Tzu white and brown

“Our 10 months old Mochi is our sweet but adventuresome Ewok:

he is fond of walks at Terra Cotta Park, chasing squirrels, and stealing slippers.”

Kira Butler Frazier & Ian Frazier


Melanie writes: I love the colors of the leaves and this adorable cutie staring back at you.

Nicole writes: I was attracted by the sad expression in his eyes. The angle of the camera on the top of him, as most pet owners see their dog, gives me the feeling that he says « Please pick me up in your arms »


6th place:   # 6 – BARACK – Beauceron

“After rollerblading, biking and more, our 1.5 years old,

Barack will now join us in a sidecar attached to our motorcycle this year.”

Genevieve St-Amant

MIA writes: Barack looks like a very obedient dog who wants to please his masters.

Nicole write: This photo shows the majestic Beauceron. I like the contrast with the white snow which shows the fine hair around his ears, so typical of this rare dog breed.

Peggy writes:  A sticking photo! He looks so distinguish and presidential. 

7th place:  # 146 – WINSTON – Tri-color Pitbull 

“Winston is very strong and lovable. At 2-year-old, he wants to be in charge of everything!”

Courtney Read

Jonathan writes: This picture demonstrates the beautiful eyes of Winston.

Melanie writes: soulful eyes begging for a cuddle. I could cuddle this dog all day.

Nicole writes:  Such loving eyes! I want to be a friend of this gentle Pitbull. His titled head indicated that he is reacting positively to the noise made by the person behind the camera. Such a wonderful picture.

Peggy writes: This image shows the innocence of a young dog. It makes me want to interact.

8th place: # 111 – RILEY – Grey Pitbull 

“Riley is playful and loyal. His passions include long walks, basking in the sun, and chicken.”

Alexa Dennis

Melanie writes: Amazing photo. The shadows make Riley look very intriguing. A very handsome boy!

Nicole writes:  What a nice portrait style picture. I love how the light gently caresses his profile. It creates a very romantic mood. I would have preferred he did not have this heavy metal choke collar in his neck. It distracts from the gentle mood of the photo. I like the fact that the background is dark and clean. A beautiful photo.

Peggy writes: Contemplative. Hoping that someone familiar will appear in the place he is looking forward to.

9 th place:   # 123 – JACKSON – Newfoundland 

“At 2 yrs, Jackson was found running wild in the Upper Laurentians. He had no collar. He has the most rambunctious attitude and enthusiasm for life.  At 14 yrs, Jackson maybe a grandpa now, but nothing can stop him from jumping on all of our laps to give kisses. His love for meeting new people is undeniably heartwarming.”  Jennifer Selinger

Melanie writes: This picture makes me think of an old soul telling tales to young pups HaHa!  It makes me want to hear this dog’s story.

Nicole writes: I love this picture. It shows this dog is quite old and he is comfortable in his age. The angle of the camera captures in his eyes the need to be caressed to feel good about us, all the humans he must have served for a very long time.

Peggy writes: This photo captures the maturity and wisdom of an Elder dog who lived a full life.


10th place:  # 104 – ROCKO – Belgium Malinois 

“Our 22-month-old ROCKO, loves his daily frisbee exercise and,  for treats or toys,

he will « sit pretty“ on command »

Desiree Petawabano

Jonathan writes: This picture shows how happy ROCKO is to perform  the « Sit pretty »

MIA writes: This picture makes me laugh. Not only is it funny to see a dog in this position, but to do this on the top of a roof is hilarious.

Melanie writes: How proud Rocko looks to be up there on the top of the roof.

Nicole writes: The Belgium Malinois has no fear. This photo demonstrates this great characteristic of the breed. A different angle of the camera would have avoided these distracting wires. This angle shows the height of the roof. Nice shot.

Peggy writes : This picture makes me want to know Rocko and play with him.


« Lupi is very curious, playful and smart. She loves chasing leaves in the wind and watching TV.

Tootsie is a (mostly) toothless granny who only wants to stay indoors and cuddle all day.

Thomas Lornsen & Justyna Krzyzaniak

Nicole writes:  I gave this photo an Honorable Mention, because of their sitting away on a sofa, 2 meters from one another. In this period of social distancing and confinement to protect us against the COVID-19 virus, this is the most clever, creative, and appropriate picture. Bravo to these two owners!

Peggy writes: I believe a slash of humor is a great idea in these COVID-19 times. It deserves an Honorable Mention.





EVALUATION PROCESS:  Each judge first evaluated the 150 photos individually on 10 points basis. The purpose was to score which photo represented a PET LIKE quality. After this preliminary evaluation, they reevaluated the 26 top pictures in a comparative way, giving 26 points to the best photo and 1 point to their less preferred picture. The 10 finalists received the top scores from this second evaluation.

We introduce each of our 5 Manoir Kanisha judges:












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