ROXY, Boston Terrier & JACKSON, French Bulldog: It was my first time boarding them. I was so impressed by the staff. We will be returning soon.

From: Andrea R. [mailto:andrea…………@……]

Sent: August-09-14 5:16 PM

To: Nicole MacDuff

Subject: Boarding of ROXY (Boston Terrier) and JACKSON (French Bulldog)

Dear Mrs. MacDuff,

After leaving ROXY and JACKSON for the first time at Manoir Kanisha, I was a little worried about them because they have never boarded them before this and… they are somewhat spoiled. 

I received an update email and voice mail which made me feel a lot better and didn’t worry about them. 

Today, I was excited to go and pick them up and was very happy to see them.  I was so impressed with the staff they all knew ROXY and JACKSON and were able to tell me about their stay.  Brought them home and they have been sleeping since, they are exhausted…  ha ha ha! I am sure with all the other dogs and staff, they didn’t get a lot of day time sleeping periods as they do at home. This is terrific for them. 

Thank you again. We will be returning soon. 

Andrea R.

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