SCYLLA, carpet python, an unusual guest at Manoir Kanisha


SCYLLA, carpet python


SCYLLA is one of the most unusual pets we have boarded at Manoir Kanisha. She is a CARPET PYTHON or scientifically called the “Morelia Spilota”.  We feel very privileged to care for her for a few weeks.


Originating from Australia, this long and muscular animal was a little intimidating upon its arrival on our premises.

SCYLLA, carpet python 

After taking care of her for a few days, she seduced many of us by her agility, strength, and gentleness.  We decided to give her some exercise periods outside her vivarium. Although Nicole was the first person to take her out of her cozy and warm environment, very soon our employees Olga and Catherine, became very at ease with SCYLLA.

SCYLLA, carpet python SCYLLA, carpet python

SCYLLA, carpet python


It was a fascinating experience. Her skin is so soft. She was curious, animated and could stretch far away from her point of support. Because she was not afraid of us, we became more confident and let her wrap around our neck and shoulders. She never showed any signs of aggression.

SCYLLA, carpet python

As an adult, SCYLLA is feed with one defrosted frozen quail once every two weeks. She must be kept in a humid and warm environment. We verified the temperature of her environment, three times daily. We want to thank the owner who was very meticulous in providing us with a very detailed list of instructions. She sleeps a lot, enjoying the warmth and humidity of her vivarium.

SCYLLA, carpet python

The CARPET PYTHON snakes are found throughout northern, southern and eastern regions of Australia, throughout northern, southern and eastern regions of Australia, but also in the arid islands of the Nuyts Archipelago, where it shares the habitat with a subspecies of the highly venomous TIGER SNAKE.
 CARPET PYTHONS are a diverse group of snakes from the Morelia genus that is native to a wide variety of biotopes in Australia and New Guinea. They are called carpet pythons because they exhibit a dazzling array of patterns and colors that mimic the beautifully woven carpets found in the Middle East. 
Collectively they are considered a hardy, medium size python with fairly easy captive care requirements. The more common carpet pythons available in the pet trade include jungle carpet pythons, diamond pythons, Irian Jaya pythons, and coastal carpet pythons. Selective breeding of carpet pythons has recently exploded with new “morphs” such as granite, caramel, jaguar and zebra carpet pythons. 
 To learn more about the CARPET PYTHON, you can read the information at the following link:
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