SMURFS 2 : “Animal Movie Stars” in Montreal, transported by our Manoir Kanisha Pet Relocation Services.

SMURFS 2 : “Animal Movie Stars” in Montreal!

Montreal is a favored destination for film makers. One reason being that they are given tax breaks to make films here and a whole studio complex is provided for their work.

Manoir Kanisha was asked to relocate four orange cats (named: Blaze, Cheeto, Mr. Krinkle and Sunny) from Hollywood to Montreal. They collectively act as GARGAMEL’s wicked cat in the new film SMURFS 2 which is presently in development.

We were also asked to bring in 6 suberb Mallard Ducks (named: Lucky, Wade, Webber, Webster, Winser and Wobbles) from Hollywood. They collectively represent one character that deals decisively with GARGAMEL in the story of this film. After three months here in Montreal, the ducks have returned to Los Angeles (see picture) and the cats have progressed to Paris so that the film can have the authentic background of the Eiffel Tower etc. The ducks have now returned to 30 days ‘home isolation’ in California, and the cats are enjoying the spotlight in Paris. In a few weeks’ time, the cats will also return to Los Angeles.

We are particularly grateful to the collaboration of our IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) members in France (Goldenway Pets) and in USA (Pacific Pet Transport) who have made this whole operation so successful.

The film is due to launch this time next year. We plan to bring all the Manoir Kanisha employees to see the film “SMURFS 2”, when it become available in a Montreal Cinema.

Tim Harris, Manager

International Pet Relocations

Manoir Kanisha

June 30, 2012

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