Special needs dog… “I’m so grateful that Manoir Kanisha exist”

special needs dog


At Manoir Kanisha, we care for all species of family pets. We are exposed to various behavior and character of many species of domestics animals. Sometimes, we meet special challenges such as a very anxious and special needs dog. We try our very best to adapt our approach to each animal and make them feel comfortable and at ease in his new environment.

During the last few weeks, we had a beautiful and mature Rottweiler-X which represented a good challenge for us. His name is BRUNO.

Although his owner had informed us that he was a special needs dog and he may not adapt well to a new environment, we were ready and prepared to make him feel at home in our facilities.

From his arrival at Manoir Kanisha, we saw that he was very nervous and anxious. He was not about to make friends immediately. It took some special individual time with our employees and yummy treats, to make him feel at home. Luckily, he was a very intelligent dog. He immediately understood that we had his best interest at heart. After 48 hours of special attention, he started to come around. In a few days, he became very cooperative and nice with all of us.

Here are a few comments from Mrs. Lisa S., the owner of BRUNO, a Special needs dog.


From: Lisa S.
Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 7:28 PM
To: kanisha@sympatico.ca
Subject: BRUNO’s recent stay at Manoir Kansiha

Hello,special needs dog

I wanted to thank you again for taking such wonderful care of BRUNO.

It’s hard owning a special needs dog, you always have to be thinking three steps in advance as to potential problems or triggers, what could BRUNO react to today? How to handle a change in routine? So on, it can be disheartening but while I was still pretty apprehensive about how he would do, I was immediately reassured when I showed up at Manoir Kanisha and I could tell right away your establishment “gets” dogs, they have a deep knowledge of dog psychology and know how to bond with BRUNO and handle his anxiety.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your staff was so kind, I called quite a bit to see how he was doing and they were always prompt and told me right away how he was. When I picked him up I could see he was happy and relaxed, even while he was happy to see me, there was no panic or drive to escape as soon as he could, which tells me a great deal about his time at the Manoir Kanisha.

I’m so grateful that you exist and that you were there to help me and BRUNO.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Lisa S.

special needs dog

  BRUNO, a special needs dog


From: Lisa S.
Sent: Tuesday, August 2, 2016 7:33 PM
To: kanisha@sympatico.ca
Subject: A photo for your webpage

We drove back to the Gaspe, no problems, Bruno was plenty tired out.

He was happy to get back to his routines and see his favourite haunts.

Today was a walk along the Bonaventure River. I include a few pictures. Lisa S.

Lisa S.


 Our Manoir Kanisha employees, who collaborated together to make BRUNO feel at home, would like to thank Mrs. Lisa S. to have taken the time to write to us and share her experience.

Although we take care of over one thousand pets every year, very few owners take the time to send us their impressions in writing about what we do for their Best Friends.

We are very grateful for the message she E-mailed us and also, for her message posted on the GOOGLE REVIEW page. CLICK HERE TO READ HER MESSAGE.

Thank you again Mrs. Lisa S.


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