Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates

Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates

The commercial travel crates have been designed for the most popular dog sizes.  Unfortunately, they are not tall enough to accommodate the very tall dogs such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, Saint-Bernards… etc. Fortunately, creative Pet Relocators such as Tim Harris, have created a wood extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates.

Each extension is tailor made. It will vary in height from 2 inches up to 9 inches. They are bolted securely and do not affect the solidity  of the commercial travel crate. They are constructed to fit very specific crate design and fit perfectly.

A vertical crate extension can save a lot of money on the cost of a dog’s relocation: 

Such wood extension increases only the height of a crate. It does not affect the width or the length of a crate. Because, the cost of cargo air travel for dogs is calculated on the volume of the crate, by keeping the width and length constant, it represents a very important saving for the dog owner.

At Manoir Kanisha, we construct these crates extensions for our own Pet Relocation projects. We also construct and ship them to assist our IPATA colleagues located in many areas of the world.

Below are the comments made by an IPATA colleague, from Calgary, Canada, who requested and received one of our wood extensions to increase the height of the crate of one of their client’s traveling dog .


From: Hilary Oakes [mailto:sevenoaksmarketing@gmail.com]
Sent: October-07-16 11:28 PM
To: Tim Harris
Subject: Wood extension for Dog Travel Crate


Hi Tim,

I just wanted to let you know that we received your wood extension safe and sound.

We picked it up from AEF on Tuesday when we got back from our holiday.

Today, I picked up the dog from my client’s residence.

Its a good job we were proactive. This dog’s travel crate definitely needed a wood height extension.

So many, many thanks.



Hilary Oakes,

Sevenoaks Animal Logistics,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

From: Tim Harris [mailto:kanisha.tim@sympatico.ca]
Sent: Sunday, October 9, 2016 3:51 PM
To: ‘Hilary Oakes’
Subject: Wood Extension for Dog Travel Crate


Dear Hilary,

I’m so pleased. I enjoyed making this Wood Extension for your client’s dog travel crate.

I hope you were able to make the necessary hole for the door bolt.

I have developed several simple techniques to construct these Wood Extension for increasing the height of the commercial plastic kennels.

Before working at Manoir Kanisha, I worked alone using basic power tools.

I think these extensions could be constructed by our IPATA members in their home garage or Pet Relocation office.

What do you think?


Tim Harris  SDA

Pet Relocations Manager

Manoir Kanisha, 175 Jenkins,

Dorval (Montreal)  Quebec, Canada H9P 2W6



Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates


Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates

Wood Extension to increase the height of commercial travel crates

To learn more about vertical wood extensions, continue reading at the following link:



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