YUKI arrived PEI safe and sound, after 4 different flights and 5 cities. Our Best Friend was loved by IPATA members all the way home. Thank you.


Complex logistic and great coordination between IPATA members from 3 countries and 5 differents cities.


YUKI had to take 4 different flights to travel from BAHRAIN to PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA:

BAHRAIN to LONDON, United Kingdom



HALIFAX to CHARLOTTETOWN, Prince Edward Island

YUKI arrived PEI safe and sound. Read how it was done!

Starting at the bottom of this page, read just a few selected messages between the various IPATA members involved in Bahrain, London/UK, Montreal, Halifax/Nova Scotia and Charlottetown/Prince Edward Island/Canada.


From: Susan S.  (PEI)

Sent: April-02-16 4:50 PM
To: kanisha.iulia@gmail.com; kanisha@sympatico.ca
Subject: Yuki was loved by IPATA members all the way home

Everyone, thank you so much.

Yuki arrived safe and sound because of the professionalism of all of you.

Thank you so much. She was loved all the way home.



dog-relocation-YUKI-saluki-X-manoir-kanisha-238FACEBOOK MESSAGE received on April 5, 2016,  20h00

‎Donald Mac Intyre‎ to Manoir Kanisha

Our beloved Yuki arrived to her new home on April 1st in great form! For having traveled so far and for so long, she weathered the trip very well!After a quick outside walk and some refreshments, she lied down on her new bed complete with toys. I decided to do the same on the nearby couch while admiring our new dog. What happened next is a genuine show of gratitude. Yuki got up and walked over to the couch. She laid her head on my chest, looked up at me and and licked my neck. Then she turned around, went back to her bed, plunked down and relaxed. She indeed was home and her gesture of love brought me to tears!

We are forever indebted to Sue & Larry for making it possible for Yuki to travel safely from Bahrain to PEI – and to all of you who assisted in this momentous journey through three continents! We, and our beautiful Yuki, say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

With gratitude,
Donald & Claire & Yuki


From: Pattie  (HALIFAX)

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 20:38:00 -0400

To: Iulia Georgescu<kanisha.iulia@gmail.com>; Tim Harris<kanisha.tim@sympatico.ca>;

Subject: To Manoir Kanisha:  YUKI

Hi everyone!!

Yuki has arrived safe and sound in Halifax.

She’s doing great, no issues or problems at all.

I took her for a walk, she’s had a bite to eat and is now quietly resting for the night.

I’ll let you know tomorrow when she’s on route to PEI!!

Almost home.

Patti Bond/ Halifax/Nova Scotia/Canada
Pet Relocation Specialist


From: Tim Harris at Manoir Kanisha (MONTREAL)
Sent: March-30-16 10:40 PM
To: P. C urrrie

Good evenin’ all.

This is YUKI, the Saluki-x  reporting:

“All safely cleared Canadian customs in Montreal and now arrived at Manoir Kanisha.

I have had a good walk, a talk with Tim and am now enjoying a light meal.

Iulia will be grooming me in the morning and I am sure she will send a picture.”

Tim Harris  SDA,  Pet Relocations Manager/Manoir Kanisha/Montreal


On Mon, Mar 28, 2016 at 2:42 AM,

Bahrain – Delmon Pets Relocators  wrote:

Hello Lulia,

Attached copy Air waybill & Government issued pre departure Health Certificate.

All original documents (and other copy docs) will be attached to Yuki’s crate in a BA sticky backed document envelope

and an additional set of copy docs will also be attached to the crate in a plain sticky backed document envelope.

Yuki’s journey will start late tomorrow evening by journeying from our kennels to airport cargo for flight acceptance.



Delmon Kennels and Pets Relocators Bahrain


On 23 March 2016 at 22:57,

Iulia Georgescu <kanisha.iulia@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Mrs. Stevenson,

Yuki will be in great hands throughout her journey.

We’ll hope for perfect weather, but if ever there are delays, she will be taken care of by the closest IPATA member to her (Delmon Kennels and  Pets Relocators Bahrain, Manoir Kanisha/Montreal, PetsGo/Halifax) until her next available flight.

So far the weather is looking good in Montreal! *knock on wood.  I will even contact a colleague in London who will be on standby just in case. We will all be in close contact throughout the relocation and will keep everybody informed at all times. We all feel responsible to care for YUKI until she arrives home.  🙂

Kind regards,

Iulia Georgescu/Manoir Kanisha/Montreal


On 2 February 2016 at 16:41, Iulia Georgescu <kanisha.iulia@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Tim (in Bahrain),

We would be pleased to assist you with this dog relocation from Bahrain to Price Edward Island.

It would help me if you could provide the breed or cross breeds of the dog, as this may affect the airlines we can use.

Kind regards,

Iulia Georgescu/Manoir Kanisha/Montreal


From: Delmon Kennels and Pets Relocators Bahrain

Sent: February-02-16 12:54 AM

To: kanisha@sympatico.ca

Subject: Enquiry & Assistance – Canine To Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

Hello & greetings from Bahrain,

We are approaching you for help & advice.

A client has requested we arrange relocation of a “rescue” dog from Bahrain to a Prince Edward Island residence.

We are able to freight with BA via LHR to YUL and after that are looking for onward support.

The dog (YUKI) will need to travel to YUL in a 122x81x89 cms Sky Kennel (147kvl/46kgs)

Would you be kind enough to let us know if it is possible to receive YUKI in Montreal and re-process for onward transfer to Prince Edward Island.

Thank you & regards,


Delmon Kennels and Pets Relocators Bahrain (IPATA member)

YUKI arrived PEI safe and sound 

YUKI enjoying the indoor playground at Manoir Kanisha

YUKI arrived PEI safe and sound

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