ZANGO: Such amazing care and special attention given to our epileptic dog.

From: Brigid S. [mailto:brigid……@…….com]

Sent: January 13, 2014   11:13 AM

To: All the Manoir Kanisha team

Subject: Thank you for taking such amazing care for my epileptic ZANGO!


Hi to everyone at Manoir Kanisha,

I wanted to thank everyone for taking such great care of ZANGO!  I was so nervous leaving him for so long, especially with the fact that he needs medication because of his epilepsy. 

Your client services at the front desk was amazing, reassuring me that ZANGO would do great.  I worried a lot the 1st day and I called to see how he was.

Then, I called every other day and spoke to different members of your team. The customer service was superb. Every time, I was always told a little something special about my ZANGO. It was obvious that each team member knew who he was and cared about him. I continued my vacation with a warm heart knowing that he was in the best of hands!!

Thank you Nicole for understand my situation with all of the meds that he must received everyday.

Thanks to all for the special attention that ZANGO had to be given daily.

I wish everyone a very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Warm regards,

Brigid S….. & ZANGO

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