ECKO… OUF! After a very complex relocation, he arrived safely at destination in Ningbo/China

发件人: Nathalie C.

发送时间: 2015-01-08  12:19:11

收件人: Tim Harris, Manoir Kanisha

题: ECKO arrived safely in China                                                                                  




 Hello Tim,

First, I want to wish you a great happy new year 2015 ! May this new year brings you all that your heart desire !!

I apologize for taking so long to get back to you guys.  It has been very busy here with work and I took 2 weeks off since I had the pleasant surprise to receive my family in China !  It was a last minute decision from their part and we had a fantastic time travelling and showing them what all that China has to offer !

In regards to the travelling from Montreal to China, everything went fantastic.  The kennel was perfect. She had plenty of water (the frozen bucket is a fantastic idea) and the ration of food was well respected.  We had 1 bag left when we got home (I suspect someone to have taken some….not for Ecko….. but it’s ok).

I could not see Ecko in Amsterdam but managed to get some news from the animal hostel and they confirmed she was doing fine.

We landed in Chengdu and after 15 minutes, she finally appeared on the baggage carrousel once all travellers were gone and that no more suitcases were left.  Clearing and leaving the airport took less than 5 min.   What a relief !!

We had transportation to an hotel (…… dirty old van and I would not stay in this location again….. did not even dare sleep between the sheets in the bed !) but the people were nice and I was with my dog so I did not really care. Morning picked up was on time and we flew to Shanghai. At this point, she had no water but the flight was not so long so I guess it was ok. 

Arrival in Shanghai was also effortless and your team now provided a much better car and they were classy people. I only can say the service level was definitely a 5 star level !!  Finally got home in Ningbo all in 1 piece !  I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone and will definitely call you when it is time to return home or if I have to move to another country.  Thank you very much for all that you have done for us.   I was so anxious and I can say that you took good care of me and my dog.

Now in regards to Ecko, I can say she has been good for the last 2 weeks.  Her adjusting to China has taken much longer than I anticipated.  She was really afraid of everything (noise, smell, people)…. She did not want to go out of the apartment and her cage became her oasis.  I still have it in the house with the door always open and she can use it whenever she needs it.

We try to play Frisbee and get her moving so that she can have fun and burn that negative energy. Chinese are of course afraid of her because of the size but when they see her catch the Frisbee or run into water, we always end up with a crowd just in Awww and taking pictures of her !    I questioned myself wondering if I made the right move to bring her over but now I know that all will be good.  Here’s some pictures of her….. and the last one is the super thunder shirt to help her with all the fireworks !

Again, thank you for the great support and service you and your team have provided. 

I could not have done this without you.

 Kind regards,

Nathalie & Ecko – Ningbo, China 2015 !!


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