PERCY, LUCAN & MERLIN: They said this relocation could not be done at all! Three large dogs from rural Malaysia to Nova Scotia, Canada

Difficult 5-legs-relocation for 3 large dogs from Langkawi, a small island West of Malaysia to Nova Scotia, Canada:

1…  Langkawi Island to the Mainland Malaysian Peninsula (with a small Malaysian fishing boat);

2… Road transport on Mainland along the West coast of Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur (473 kms);

3… Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam (KLM);

4…  Amsterdam to Montreal, Canada (KLM);

5… Montreal to Seabright, Nova Scotia, by road transport. The dogs were collected by the owners from Manoir   Kanisha and driven to their new home, a round trip of 2,560 kms.


“I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the logistical nightmare of trying to relocate our Great Dane, Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever from rural Malaysia to Nova Scotia, Canada, when I found Manoir Kanisha and Tim Harris.  Other pet relocation services either claimed that it could not be done at all or quoted astronomical prices.


MERLIN, Golden Retriever, 4 years old

When I contacted Tim he was confident that he could arrange the entire move. This was no small job as it involved custom-built crates, collecting the dogs from our home in rural Malaysia, a ferry ride to the mainland of Malaysia, an all day drive to Kuala Lumpur, boarding and veterinary services, transport to the airport, air freight to Amsterdam, transit stop, another airfreight to Montreal, custom clearance in Canada, boarding at Manoir Kanisha and then driving to Nova Scotia.

Tim Harris arranged all of this in a matter of weeks and for a very reasonable price. In fact, the total amount for this move was less than half of the amount quoted by one other pet relocation company!  Every aspect of our relocation was handled with personal attention and the upmost of professionalism. We were kept informed every step of the process, with photographs, phone calls, and emails. 

When we arrived in Montreal to collect our dogs, we found them freshly groomed, happy, healthy and baffled by their first experience with snow. Our tour of the facility left us very impressed and with no doubt that Manoir Kanisha will be our first step for any future dog relocation!

We loaded the dogs into our car and set out for the drive to Nova Scotia, happy to be reunited with our dogs, but the service did not end there. Staff from Manoir Kanisha remained in contact with us, ensuring that our drive was going well and that we had arrived home safely. We were sent photos of our reunion, and they were concerned with how the dogs were adjusting to winter and a new home.

PERCY, Yellow Labrador, 10 years





We have been left with the sense that Manoir Kanisha isn’t just people moving pets, but animal lovers helping other animal lovers.”

Hannah R. C. and PERCY, LUCAN & MERLIN



Note:  Tim Harris particularly wished that credit should go to our IPATA colleagues Thierry and Joanne Lim, from Ricted Kennels, in Singapore, for their excellent services in this relocation.  They were quick to respond, thorough in their preparation and had a first class extra large crate for LUCAN the Great Dane:

Following Tim’s request, they found a small Chinese fishing boat to transport the three very large dogs from the small Island of Langkawi, to the mainland Malaysian Peninsula.  Without their help we, from Montreal, could not have done this complicated relocation. We faced a difficult obstacle: the Malaysian ferry from Langkawi to the mainland refused to carry the dogs, and the local aircraft were all too small to carry these three very large kennels.

Here is a Malaysian map to show the small island of Langkawi in relationship to Kuala Lumpur.  The road distance is 473kms.  :


PERCY, Yellow Labrador, 10 years old  &   LUCAN Great Dane, 7 years old




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