Train your cat to walk outside and enjoy the great outdoors

At Manoir Kanisha, we offer to walk your cat on a leash while wearing a harness. If your cat never walked with a harness, it is important to gradually train him inside the house.  Here are a few suggestions to facilitate your experience.

It is a good idea to place the harness on your best feline friend just before you serve his meal. He will rapidly fgure out that this harness is a positive activity and will accept it more easily.

Once he is used to the harness, tie a short leash or a short rope to his harness. Let him play around with this new addition. Let him walk around the house freely.  During this step, we suggest that you monitor him attentively so he does not enroll himself with the leash/rope or get it tangled in some furniture or any other objects.

The next step is to bring him outside. Take him into your arms and place him in the grass in a shady area and a very quiet surrounding. Avoir placing him close to the road where the noises of cars and trucks may scare him.

Soon, he will become interested by the flying birds, butterflies and different bugs around him. He will be curious by the effect of the wind moving the leaves and making the flowers dance.  Stay beside him, pet him gently and speak to him with a reassuring voice.

Avoid placing him in an area wher the neighbough dog could bark or run after him.

Obviously, it will be easier to train a young kitten. But cats are very curious animals, with patience your adult cat will learn to apreciate the great outdoors.

Feline are very agile. They will easily climb on your outside furniture and on any other obstacles.

Avoid letting him climb on trees. Otherwise you may need to reach for a tall latter or worse, be forced to call the fireman to recuperate your cat locate on he highest branche of a tree. Cats a very skillful climbers but they do not know how to come down from a tree.


If you are used to walking a dog,  you will soon realize that a cat is a very independant creature.  He will decide when to run, walk, stop, pull on the leash or come back home.

In reality, you cat will take you for a walk.

You will have to learn how to follow him and protect him from dangers.





Good luck!

Give us some news about your experience in teaching

your best feline friend how to walk on a leash.

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